Free Homeschool Resource: has free learning resources for kids in grades Pre-K through eight. It covers reading and language arts, math, social studies, and science. Eduplace is meant to be an accompanying resource for Houghton Mifflin textbooks. It has games and resources for each book chapter to further reinforce what a child has learned in school. is meant to accompany textbooks. If you can get your hands on the textbooks, you will have a full and complete curriculum source when you combine the use of the textbooks and the website. The textbooks can be published at and older copies may be found on and Even without the textbooks meant to accompany this website, can serve as a great homeschool curriculum guide within itself. Just click on each subject and find the resource you need for your lessons. Let us explore the site together:

Starting with Reading/Language Arts, you will see that there are many items from which to choose. You may click on any textbook support link. For instance, choosing the first available option, “reading” will send you to a menu for grades k-8. Choosing “Theme 1: Journeys”, and the “Kid’s place” option, (you may also choose “additional spelling. Choosing level 4 will take you to a page where you will be introduced to recommend reading for this age level. You will also learn about the author of the books. Clicking “weekly reader article” will give you additional information on the subject mater. If you choose to explore the glossary, you will see a list of spelling words, clicking on the spelling word will give you the word pronunciation, definition and word history verbally. Should you choose to select “focus on activities”, you can explore other online activities like crossword puzzles web field trips and more. There are too many options to explore in one paragraph. You just need to choose your favorite textbook support unit and go from there.

Options for math support are also numerous. You can choose the support module that goes with your textbook, or decide with option would be more fun to use. For example, I like to use the “math central” option. When choosing grade 4, for example, you can visit the topic menu. Choosing multiplication and division, and one of the features like “Math World”, directs you to a page where you can study the ancient Near East. Choosing Investigation will take you to a worksheet and numerous other websites to explore with the help of the worksheet. Choosing the “bibliography” option will give numerous book suggestions that will help to further explore this math unit. Math Central is an excellent source for unit studies. If you want a more straightforward math instruction, you can choose “Math Steps” instead which will give lesson tutorials. Other options will give you practice questions. There are seven options for math resources in all.

Exploring social studies on can be done by subject, or grade level. The very first option labeled “social studies” allows you to choose a state of your choosing which will give you information based on state standards. The history/social science option allows you to choose from ‘My World”, or “School and Family”, to World History of Ancient civilizations. Go down to “Houghton Mifflin Social Studies”, and you will find a menu according to grade. Choosing grade 6, for example will take you to lessons that you can use with your textbook, or unit studies you can do without them. You can also take advantage of the ‘activities” which will give you game ideas to further teach the subjects.

The Science section of offers science topics according to grade level (labeled simply “science”) which would work great for unit studies, science topics according to state standards (discovery works) , or full lessons with activities by grade and subject in (experience science).

Therefore, you can see that is both a great resource to use along with the textbooks they publish for school, but also a great resource for homeschooling parents as well.

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