Free Knitting Patterns Online

Do you love to knit? Chance are you are always on the lookout for a great new project. Well there are some wonderful websites that offer free knitting patterns for you! There are patterns for many types of projects – projects for infants and children, projects for women and men, projects for lots of cute accessories or a lovely poncho or afghan. Before you know it your challenge will be not to find a new project to knit, but selecting between several different knitting projects – which one to start first!

If you are just starting out, look for a project marked “beginner” or even “easy”. A simple project to begin with can often be something such as a scarf. Print out the pattern you are using and bring it with you when you select yarn and purchase knitting needles.

Here are several great knitting pattern websites:

Lion Brand Yarn ( This website has over a thousand patterns for you to try. Lion Brand Yarn is well known for its wonderful yarn for knitting projects so it is great that it offers lots of patterns for knitters. Each pattern also lists the suggested skill level (easy, beginner, intermediate). Patterns also give suggested yarn types to purchase for the project and the sizes of the project. There are lots of up-to-date modern type of projects to be found here – you can even knit a cell phone case! Or knit a stylish “fur” collar for a crewneck or a felted “sable” muff. Very creative ideas found at this website.

Knitting on the Net ( This website has a number of projects for you to try. The patterns are listed in categories such as clothing items and even “Holidays” or “Afghans” or “Babies”. There are lots of cute sock patterns and some great sweaters for kids. This website is run by Barbara Breiter, the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Knitting and Crocheting.

DROPS Design ( This website offers more than a thousand patterns for you. Lots of stylish and very modern ideas here. Catagories such as “Ladies”, “Men”, “Baby”, “Children”, “Accessories”, “Ponchos/Shawls”, “Dolls” and “Basic Patterns”. The photographs are beautiful at this website and help you immediately identify which pattern you wish to look at. Simply look at the photographs of the knitted items and click on the little flag below and the pattern will emerge. This is a great website.

Knitting Help ( There are some beautiful knitting patterns for children at this website. Projects are easily marked for beginning or intermediate knitters. They even have some projects that for preemie sizes. This is a great website to visit if you have a baby shower coming up or a baby coming. The photographs of the projects are beautiful. Very artistic knitting at this website.

Coats & Clark ( This website has lots of free knitting patterns. You can find sweaters and tops and jackets for babies and children. There are hats and scarves and accessories project ideas. There are sweaters for men and women, and a number of ponchos and wraps. There are even some home decor projects.

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