Free Landlord Forms, Booklets and Charts

Every landlord needs paperwork, and in the old days, that meant a great expense at an office supply store. Now there are sites which offer all the paperwork you’ll ever need – and it’s printable.

A rental agreement is a must for any landlord. And not any old rental agreement will do, either. It’s important to have just the right stipulations included in the contract. Whether you rent a small apartment or a huge complex you still want to know that your tenant will be responsible for any damages or misconduct. You’ll find just the forms you need when you visit this site for landlords:

The site features many other printable forms for landlords like the Eviction Ramifications Notice. If you’re having trouble with a particular tenant and haven’t filed eviction papers yet, you can present your renter with the Eviction Ramification Notice to let him know what’s coming next, unless terms are met.

What landlord doesn’t need rent receipts? Print your blank rent receipts free of charge – as many as you like. Need Rent Increase Notifications? They’ve got them, too, as well as Security Deposit Refund Receipts and Key Receipts.

Addendums, addendums, addendums – these things happen. If you didn’t include it in the original contract, an addendum is still binding, so long as it is signed and dated. You’ll get your addendum forms at this site, including ones for whether or not the tenant can paint or further redecorate and what the terms are to do such. You’ll find addendums for the usage of waterbeds or even ones concerning fuel left in tanks.

The new tenants don’t have very good credit? Okay, print out a Lease Co-signer Agreement and have the potential renter get it signed by a relative or friend in better standing. That way, you’re covered should damages be done to the property.

Work Orders are imperative if you’re the landlord and you need to enter an occupied dwelling for maintenance reasons. Have the tenant sign the agreement stating that he is fully aware of the type of work to be done, the approximate amount of time it will take, as well as the date of the repairs. These can also be used if you’re the landlord and you’re hiring help for the maintenance.

Maybe the tenant forgot it was time to renew the lease. Remind him by sending a Notice To Renew Lease Or Vacate. This gives the tenant a specified amount of time, and allows the landlord to list conditions such as additional security deposit.

If your tenant is moving it’s a wise idea to send a Move Out Instructions Reminder Letter, which specifies the last date they can occupy the dwelling and tasks or cleaning that must be done before they vacate. The form allows the landlord to state where the keys should be deposited upon vacating, how the home should be secured before leaving, and other moving info.

The Settlement Charges Guide alerts the tenant that some charges will be deducted from the initial security deposit, and why. The form allows the landlord to show how much was deducted for each of the damages done.

If you’re a landlord, you’ll save plenty by printing all your documents and receipts online. The site also offers additional forms for small fees, but has a long list of free printables as well.

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