Free Online Learning Resources for Junior High Students

Students in the seventh grade can find plenty of help with their homework as well as practice pages to improve math, language and other skills. Many learning sites charge a fee for accessing practice pages but here is a list that will help you without charging you:

Cloud Net, a free site that concentrates on subjects like history, literature, English and reading. Kids will find help with poetry, Shakespeare, vocabulary, debate, journalism and punctuation. Find it at

Your Homework is a free site that lets you choose subjects by grade level. There’s a great search engine that let’s you choose the grade, the subject, then any specific word like “wars” or “presidents”. The search results are perfect for reading about most any subject. The articles are specific and walk you through the subject at hand. Find this fabulous site, with hundreds of lessons at

Where others have asked the same questions you might have, and have gotten great answers, is at There are forums where you can ask a particular question and receive answers from those in the know. There’s also lesson plans, puzzles, worksheets and much more.

The Museum of Unnatural History is unlike any site you’ve seen before. Arrive at the front page and watch as the pictures change from dinosaurs to Egyptian pyramids to outer space. Click on any picture and be immediately taken to a page covering that subject. This is an impressive website where you’ll spend lots of time and learn much. Go to

Get free print-out worksheets for word problems or math by going to No printer? Out of ink? No problem. Just do the problems online at this site. Resources include formulas, test preparation tips, study suggestions and more. And, there’s no software to download!

Math is a problem for many 7th graders but you’ll see the math grade go up when you spend some time at where you can generate worksheets according to your specifications. If fractions give you trouble, for instance, you can generate sheets that are specifically fraction practice.

Fact Monster,, is a very impressive site that has a search engine where you can find all the specifics about a certain person in history or a particular event. Time lines there are also great. Put in the dates of the time line and they’ll give you all the important events and facts from that era.

Brain Pop has movies that are very explanatory but the amount of short movies you can watch is limited. However, they offer experiments and results, fun learning games, and other interests for kids between 4th and 7th grades. Find it at

Student center offers tons of help for students of many ages. Go to and look around. There’s so much to do there and it’s fun as well as educational. Students can find help in just about any subject as well as a center where you can ask particular home work questions.

Time lines covering 3,000 years of history are easy to find at Choose people, history, events, maps, science, culture, religion or other categories. This site is awesome.

The Ramp is a science website that provides resources for teachers and 7th graders alike. Lessons, projects and worksheets about anything and everything to do with insects. Go to

Look up world records, explore ocean, learn about weather phenomena and other cool stuff at Choose from subjects like space, earth science, creatures, scientists, technology and much more.

How Stuff Works is a fabulous site for any age. Type in what you want to know about, such as walkie-talkies, a dvd player – literally anything – and they’ll tell you, in terms that you can understand, how it works, what makes it tick and more. Find the site at

Bill Nye the Science Guy is a tv show with a website that’s full of science fun. Bill Nye makes learning interesting and intriguing by explaining scientific things in a manner that they can understand. He makes it so much fun that it doesn’t seem like work or learning – it seems like play. Find Bill Nye at

Email science questions to experts at Online experiments also let you find answers to questions about common science that surrounds us everyday.

National Geographic can’t be left off the list with it’s adventure and exploration, animals and nature, history and culture, along with maps, geography and world news. Go to

Ask a biologist a question at where you can also do experiments, read articles about biology topics and read profiles.

Find out all about the human body at Hundreds of graphics show the various systems of the human body and describe what each function is, how it works, and where it’s located. Great site!

You’ll find lots of other great free web sites for 7th graders if you type specifics into the search engine like “time lines”, “biology”, “social studies” along with keywords like “help”, “free”, “7th grade” and similar keywords.

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