Free Penpal Websites for Kids

Kids looking for online penpals will discover there really aren’t very many free penpal websites especially for kids. Free penpal websites for kids are becoming fewer and fewer, but there are still a handful of kids penpals websites online. Some penpal websites for kids that used to be free are now charging a yearly fee, but you don’t have to pay to find online penpals and friends.

The following websites can help kids anywhere in the world find online penpals and friends. These online penpal websites are totally free, and these free penpal websites can be a kid’s worldwide link to finding new penpals and lifelong friends.

Kids want to get in touch with other kids all over the world, and many kids across the globe are also seeking online friends and penpals. It’s fun having online friends and penpals, and kids can enjoy meeting other kids who have the same interests as themselves. It’s fun to learn about different cultures, and kids of all ages can form lasting friendships with other kids all over the world, so consider placing a free ad with one or all of the following free penpal websites for kids. You can never have too many friends!

Before Placing Online Penpal Ads

If you are a kid who wants to find friends and penpals all over the world, make sure you are cautious. Never provide your phone number, address, the name of your school, your last name, or any other personal information. Also, make sure you have a parent’s permission before placing free online penpal ads or any other ads online.

Most online penpal ads for kids are placed by kids who also want to find friends and penpals all over the world, but not everyone who posts online penpal ads really wants to be your friend. Be careful, don’t be too trusting, and make sure a parent is aware of your online friends, penpals, and internet activities. Safety is very important when searching for free online friends and penpals.

Find Online Friends and Penpals Here

Kids seeking online friends and penpals all over the world can post their contact information in the comment section of this page. Kids all over the world will be able to find your free penpal ad, and you will make many new online friends. Get permission from your parents first, and place your free penpal ad at the bottom of this page.

Be sure to leave your first name or nickname, e-mail address, a short description of yourself, and a short description of online penpals and friends you are seeking. Save this free penpal page in your favorites list, and come back often to find new friends and free online penpals. Also, be sure to share this page with your friends. Your friends will also enjoy finding free online penpals and new friends.

This is another great website designed for kids, where kids can find friends and penpals all over the world. This fun website especially for kids has a special section for making online friends and penpals, and kids can find friends and penpals for free.

Click on “Make Friends,” at After registering on the website, kids can fill in their information and make friends and penpals all over the world. You just might meet new penpals and make friends that will last a lifetime


At PenpalsNow, kids can post free online penpals ads, and kids can search ads within specific age groups to find other kids who are looking for online friends and penpals. PenpalsNow provides a well-organized website where kids can search for other kids wanting new friends and penpals in just about every location across the globe. Kids looking for online friends and penpals should definitely give this penpal website a try.

This amazing website especially for kids provides a great way for kids to find friends and penpals all over the world. This is one of the safest penpal websites for kids, where parents can help their kids find online friends and penpals. Simply go to, and on the left side of the first page, you will see the AmazingKids penpal link. Kids are asked to get parental permission, and the penpal form is designed so parents can help kids sign up to find like-minded penpals in their age group.

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