Free Printable Chores Checklists for Kids

Giving chores to your children can start a fight that most people don’t want to have. Having your children do chores around the home teaches them work ethics and responsibilities. However, the chores don’t have to be mundane and no fun for the kids in the process.

Creating checklists with rewards and consequences can help the child learn that when jobs aren’t completed payment and rewards aren’t given. The same holds true with work. By giving your children chores that are on a checklist can help them later in life when getting a job.

Each of the following checklists can help maintain harmony in the home. Each of the chore checklists can help a child learn and understand the responsibilities of what it takes to run a household as well. While running a household doesn’t pay the bills, it can help save on time and even money in the long run by keeping things in the home in a neat and orderly fashion.

Chores Checklist & Allowance Contract. This checklist and contract can be used for children to learn how to earn money from doing work around the home. It allows the parents to assign chores and a pay amount per chore for each child. By having the children sign the contract with their assigned chores and pay will help them learn how to keep promises on doing their work.

Chores for Children Checklists There are seven age appropriate checklists for children doing chores. The first five checklists are set up for a week. The sixth chore checklist allows you to write in your own list of chores. The seventh checklist has pictures in the left-hand column for younger children who can’t read but know what the pictures depict for each chore.

Daily Chores & Rewards Checklist. This checklist allows the parents to reward their children after completing their chores at the end of the month with particular rewards for each chore. The parents and children can sign the chore list.

While children will bellyache, moan, and groan during their chores, they will find a sense of satisfaction after they have completed their chores. They may even find some long lost items in the process. Also, when a child is given incentives, such as spending money, for their chores, they may find it more worth their time. After all, mom and dad have to work for their earnings, so why shouldn’t our children?

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