Free Pumpkin Carving Tools You May Already Own

Supplement a store-bought pumpkin carving kit with these kitchen utensils and arts and crafts tools. Or, forgo purchasing a pumpkin carving kit and just use these items to carve your pumpkin this Halloween. A variety of tools will enable you to make your Halloween pumpkin carving unique and people will be left wondering how you achieved the carved effects.

Free Pumpkin Carving Tools You May Already Own


Before you carve you need to scoop out the seeds and some pumpkin innards. Here are some tools from your kitchen utensil drawer. Tip: if you do not have these handy kitchen tools, they may be available at your local dollar store.

Ice Cream Scoop – Use an ice cream scoop to remove the pumpkin insides including the seeds. The pumpkin scoop is strong enough to remove stubborn pumpkin pieces.

Melon Baller– Follow up with a melon baller to gently scrape and clean the pumpkin’s insides.


Vegetable Peeler

A vegetable peeler may be used to create subtle or intricate designs on the pumpkin. Use the vegetable peeler when you will not be carving all the way through the outside of the the pumpkin, but just removing layers in a designed pattern.

Clay Loop Tools

Any potter or ceramic artist has clay loop tools. They may be used to enhance a pumpkin design. They come in different shapes and sizes and are inexpensive.

Carving and Hole Making

Apple Corer

An apple corer may be used to hollow out holes once the initial pumpkin skin has been pierced. You may also be able to make round holes with the apple corer from the inside of the pumpkin.

Block Print Carving Tool

If you are into making your own stamps or carved linoleum designs, you may have a block print carving tool, like the one made by Speedball. It comes with removable pieces in different shapes and sizes. Because these pieces are sharp, always carve away from your body. This pumpkin carving tool should be used by teens or adults only.


Make holes in the pumpkin with a corkscrew. Pierce the pumpkin skin with a knife first. If the corkscrew won’t go through, abandon it as a tool. It will work for some thin pumpkins, but not for all.

Shish-kabob Skewers

Create star-like holes in a pumpkin that will be used as a holiday luminary. Adults only, please.

Needle Tool – Pottery

In my arts and crafts supply box for clay I have a loop tools and a needle tool. The needle tool is sharp and is useful for carving patterns through a paper stencil.

Wood Carving Tools

Wood carving tools may also be used by teens or adults to carve out intricate pumpkin designs. Be sure to thoroughly clean and dry the wood carving tools when you are finished.

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