Freebie Hunting at the Best Free Sample Websites and Message Boards

There are hundreds of websites that list free product samples and other freebies offered by manufacturers and businesses wanting to gain exposure. Unfortunately not all freebie websites offer current free samples and products. Many freebie websites have outdated listings and offers that aren’t really free. Many websites that claim to offer freebies infuse their listings with affiliate offers. These are paid-to-click affiliate links and websites that offer something for sale, not something for nothing. So, how do you tell the high quality freebie websites from the wannabe freebie sites? Just ask a true freebie junkie where to find the goods!

Freebie Hunting as a Hobby

Over the years I’ve turned freebie hunting into a profitable hobby. I search my favorite message boards and free sample sites for the best freebies available on the web. I have received tons of free samples as well as free full-size products. I have received items such as full-size hair care products, hardback books, food samples, expensive facial lotions, games, shampoo, and much more. If I added up all of the free products and samples I’ve received over the years, I am sure the total value would amount to hundreds of dollars.

Why do I enjoy freebie hunting? I love freebie hunting because I like trying new products before I purchase them. I also enjoy getting the mail when I know there could be something besides bills. Freebies are something fun to look forward to. Getting the mail and finding free samples provides a rush of excitement. You never know what you’re going to get, and when a mysterious package arrives, it’s like opening a special present. Freebie hunters get wonderful surprises almost every day.

The Best Places to Find Freebies

True freebie hunters know where to find the best freebies. I’ve had years of freebie hunting experience, and like a true hunter, I know where to go. I check those places often, and when I’m very lucky, I bag some really good loot!

Message Boards

Message boards are truly the best places to find freebies, but not all message boards are successful. Some start out with a bang and go out with a fizzle. One or two people posts all the freebies and deals, and the message board will eventually fail due to lack of interest. There are a few really great freebie message boards that have stood the test of time. If a freebie is available, you can bet these exceptional freebie message boards will post those offers. Fellow freebie hunters post the offers, and we all share our fabulous finds. The following freebie message boards are truly the best and I don’t mind sharing the secrets to my freebie hunting success. Where there are fellow freebie hunters with a true passion for freebie hunting, there are more high-quality freebies.

Go to and search for “Your Freebie Fix.” This is one of my favorite freebie message boards. This freebie message board is a gathering place for very friendly fellow freebie hunters who enjoy chatting, playing message board games, and most of all, they post the best freebies.

Another very good freebie message board to check out at is called “Contest Crazy.” Many of the people at this crazy message board started their freebie hunting obsessions at Freebie Fix. Contest Crazy not only posts all kinds of contests, they also post freebies for those who are crazy for freebies.

I’ve won many nice prizes at the Contest Crazy message board. I prefer the instant win contests over all others. Instant online contests are some of the easiest contests to win. When a contest is easy to win you can bet my fellow freebie hunters and contest junkies will share the wealth. We share information on how to win the contests. Sometimes it takes many tries, but eventually almost all of the active board members win those really easy instant win contests.

Free Sample Websites

Free sample websites are usually overloaded with annoying affiliate links, but there are some worthwhile free sample sites. One of my favorite free sample websites is . This free sample website offers free samples according to personal preferences, family member profiles, and other determining information. I have received hundreds of free sample products through this website, and I have discovered some of my favorite products from samples offered by this company.

Another website that offers numerous high-quality freebies and samples can be found at . The sample link can be found on their main page. This site also offers valuable health information, and samples, coupons, and free products are generally medications and other products that help improve and maintain the quality of life.

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