Freelance Writing Topics on Astrology and Love

Articles and books on the subjects of astrology and love are popular with readers, and offer freelance writers many possible topics to write about. Here are ideas for writing on romance from a metaphysical viewpoint.

How to Keep Your Taurus Man Heavenly Happy
Choose an astrological sign and gender to base your article on. For instance, your subject might be how to keep your Aries man happy, how to keep your Capricorn woman happy, how to keep your Gemini man happy etc.

Use firsthand knowledge in your writing, gathered from your own love life. Or research astrological signs unknown to you. Consider the element (sun, air, earth, or water) of the astrology sign you are writing about, and how it affects personality. Also consider likes, dislikes, needs, traits, and idiosyncrasies particular to that sign.

For example, a Taurus is an earth element sign, and often craves some kind of connection to Mother Earth. To help keep a Taurus man “heavenly happy”, a woman can encourage him to spend ample time outdoors in some way, whether it’s vegetable gardening, hiking through the woods, or lying in a hammock in his own backyard.

Those of the Taurus sign are also often sensuous and very aware of touch. An article about romance with the Taurus man could incorporate this information by suggesting appealingly textured linens and clothing such as soft cotton or cool satin. Or pleasant sights and sounds in the environment, important to the earthy Taurus.

Use your imagination to match up suggestive ideas that relate to the needs and likes of the sign you are writing about. There are many possibilities for writing about each of the twelve astrology signs under the subject of keeping a man or woman happy.

The Aries & Taurus Couple – Tips to Keep Your Love Strong
Write about any (or all) of the possible astrological sign combinations. Use personal experience or research to choose potential conflict areas based on the traits of each partner.

For example, an Aries and Taurus couple might experience conflict in the area of patience and impulsiveness. Aries people sometimes are impulsive and prefer to quickly start projects, then leave the details for someone else to complete, while they move on to begin a new project. Taurus signs often like to think about things thoroughly before becoming involved, and proceed slower. You should be able to come up with numerous possibly conflict areas between the signs by comparing their different traits. And then within your article, offer suggestions for overcoming them.

Gift Ideas for the Taurus Lover
Write about gift suggestions for any or all of the astrological signs. Use your imagination and personal experience to come up with ideas for presents that might appeal to a particular sign.

For instance, a Taurus photography buff might enjoy the gift of a pass for a guided nature hike to a special location. Or a ride in a hot air balloon. Another gift suggestion could be a ticket to a classy evening jazz concert – or even the fine jacket to wear to it.

The possible topics to write about under this subject are vast. By focusing on particular astrological signs and romantic situations, your writing should be in demand. Have fun writing about astrology signs in love, and help others at the same time!

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