French Restaurants in Ridgefield, Connecticut

French restaurants are often known for providing the best- quality foods, wines and service to their customers. Many communities do not even have a French restaurant located nearby. In the town of Ridgefield, Ct, pop. 24,000 and 60 miles from New York City, there are least five French restaurants.

From casual bistros and bakeries, where croque monsieur sandwiches and creme brulee’s are served, to four- star upscale establishments featuring duck confit and escargot, French restaurants in Ridgefield, Ct offer something for everyone.

In the semi- rural town of Ridgefield, Ct, with its mix of stately colonial homes, churches and quaint retail shops, French restaurants are popular destination spots for hungry diners. Prices at these French restaurants range from very reasonable to extremely pricey. Excellent service and impressive wine lists are to be expected at these fine establishments.

The owners and staff of the French restaurants in Ridgefield, Ct listed here, will go out of their way to provide the best dining experience to all customers, at all times.

A) Bernard’s..20 West Lane, Ridgefield, Ct..(203)438-8282
Presenting the freshest and highest- quality ingredients, this French restaurant in Ridgefield, Ct offers a mix of seafood, beef, poultry and veal entrees in dynamic preparations. Steak and veal dishes are very popular here. House specials at Bernard’s include monkfish osso bucco with rosemary pancetta and baked scallops with leek fondue. An outstanding wine list and creative desserts are featured. Live entertainment on weekends, a Sunday brunch and valet- parking are also offered.

B) La Salie’re..3 Big shop Lane..Ridgefield, Ct..(203)438-1976
Classical French cooking at its very best, is exemplified at La Salie’re. Utilizing only the freshest and best- quality ingredients, the food here is awesome. Seafood dishes are especially rewarding, with many variations of oysters being popular menu- items. Traditional French dishes, as well as imaginative specials are featured. The wine list is large and the desserts are very good. Reservations recommended.

C) Luc’s Cafe..3 Big Shop Lane, Ridgefield, Ct..(203)894-8522
This authentic French bistro is a wonderful place to relax and take in the scenery of rural Ridgefield, Ct. Featuring an authentic Parisian bistro menu with items such as steak frites, cassoulet, croque monsieur, duck confit and escargot, Luc’s Cafe always satisfies its customers’ needs. Recommended items include rack of lamb, frisee’ salad with poached egg and bacon and their fantastic creme brulee’. Vegetarian dishes are available. Live French music is featured on Wednesday evenings. The wine list and service are very satisfactory and prices are reasonable.

D) Patisserie des Anglaises..408 Main St, Ridgefield, Ct..(203)894-8482
A decidedly casual, yet top- quality French eatery, Patisserie des Anglaises is as much a bakery/ cafe, as it is a restaurant. They offer a wide range of cakes, pastries, tasty sandwiches, soups and salads. Gourmet coffees, including cappuccino, when combined with a tasty bakery treat, make Patisserie des Anglaises one of the best French restaurants in Ridgefield, Ct.

E) Stonehenge..33 Stonehenge Road, Ridgefield, Ct..(203)438-6511
Visiting Stonehenge is like visiting an authentic country inn in France. Elegance and tranquility are the keywords here. Impeecable service and an outstanding wine list are provided. soups, salads and appetizers are fantastic. Dinner entrees include various dishes of lamb, beef, chicken, seafood and veal. For dessert, the offerings are exceptional. The prices are quite high, but the overall quality is top- rate.

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