From a Master Plumber: How to Remove a Toilet Seat

There are different reasons for changing a toilet seat. Maybe you’ve decided that a seat shaped like a seashell goes better with your bathroom décor. Maybe you love cats and want to see a picture of kittens frolicking every time you put the lid down. Or maybe that old seat is too hard and uncomfortable and you’ve decided to treat yourself to a padded seat.

Whatever your reason for wanting a new toilet seat, the first step to installing that new seat is to remove the old one. With a screwdriver and a pair of pliers, you should have that new seat in place in no time.

Lift Caps

Behind the seat, holding the seat to the toilet bowl, will be two plastic caps. Pop up the caps to reveal the bolts which will need to be removed.

Use a Screwdriver and Pliers

Use a screwdriver to loosen the bolts. It could be either straight or Phillips-head. You will need to hold the nuts from below the rim of the toilet bowl in order to remove the bolts. Often these can be held by hand while turning the screwdriver, but sometimes they require a pair of pliers. If you need to use pliers, try to use a small pair – there isn’t much room under the rim of the bowl.

Scrape Adhesive From Bowl

After the nuts and bolts are removed, the toilet seat will lift right off. Many seats have a sticker that is applied during installation. The adhesive sticker helps to keep the seat from becoming loose, which keeps you from sliding off of the toilet and onto the floor. This adhesive can usually be scraped off with a putty knife. After this is completed, install the new seat and enjoy!

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