Fun Activities in San Diego, California

One of the largest cities near the border of and California,San Diegois home to sunny skies, beautiful water, and a wealth of activities to explore.San Diego’s weather is one of its best qualities and makes it an ideal place to visit almost any time of the year.

The most you’ll need in the winter is a light jacket, especially at night when it’s cooler. While the water is usually a nice temperature, it does get chillier in the winter, so if you’re planning on any water sports, bring a wetsuit. The rest of the year you can swim comfortably without a wetsuit. Besides the weather, San Diego has many other attributes that make it an excellent place to go for your vacation.

San Diego Zoo ( )

The San Diego Zoo is renowned internationally for its large, rare collection of animals. Encompassing over 100 acres of displays and habitats, there are animals here you won’t see anywhere else in the world. It is a must-see if you are in

San Diego. You need a full day to see it thoroughly, so be sure to budget your time accordingly. Regular admission starts a $21 for adults and $14 for kids aged 3 to 11. Special attractions may cost extra, and parking is free.

Wild Animal Park (

The Wild Animal Park at San Diego Zoo is an attraction unto itself. The zoo has set up a replica of a wild animal park, allowing visitors to take a tour through the park and observe interactions between real animals just as you would on a safari. Rustic paths, wooden-planked walkways, a floating bridge, and thick glass partitions allow you to come eye to eye with animals like lions and giraffes. San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park is a spectacular place to visit any time of year, especially if you’re an animal lover. Admission is around $28 for adults and $18 for kids aged 3 to 11.


SeaWorld San Diego is an excellent activity alone or with your family. SeaWorld San Diego boasts many thrilling adventures, including shows with the famous Shamu and other marine animals.

There are a number of free interactive exhibits around the park for kids and adults, and make sure you bring a waterproof camera. Tickets start at $53 for guests age 10 and up and $40 for kids aged 3 to 9. This doesn’t include any extra events or activities.. Prices go up the longer you stay, though there are all types of packages and deals if you buy online.

Balboa Park (

Minutes from downtown San Diego, Balboa Park is the largest urban park and cultural center. Housing over 85 recreational and cultural organizations including several famous gardens , hiking and biking trails , recreational facilities , restaurants, fifteen museums, various performing arts groups, the Old Globe Theatre, and the San Diego Zoo, the Park covers 1,200 acres. It is a must see if you are in the San Diego area. There is no fee for visiting the park, but there is for the attractions.

Balboa Park has special deals for those visiting, so be sure to check out their website for current specials.

Belmont Park (

Belmont Park is San Diego’s amazing beachfront amusement center and offers everything from Waverider, where visitors can surf a machine generated wave, to amusements like Gamelords, where kids can play any video game under the sun. Great for individuals or the whole family, a trip to Belmont Park is guaranteed fun. All day wrist bands are $14 for those under fifty inches, and $19 for anyone over fifty inches. Extra attractions like the Plunge Pool or Waverider are extra.

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