Fun Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Toddlers are very active and hardly like to sit still. Every parent knows the boredom that often sets in on a rainy day. If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to spend quality time with your children or to keep them occupied, then check out a few of the following craft ideas for toddlers and older children mentioned below.

Making animals out of different materials is a fun and exciting way to educate your children and spark their creativity. A few examples of these activities could include making a rice duck or a feathered bird. To make a rice duck, you will need rice and orange colored yarn. Parents can cut out a duck on regular or construction paper. If you place glue all of over the duck’s body, your toddler can pour the rice over the glue. You can later use the yarn for the ducks beak or feet. If your child would enjoy making a more colorful duck, you can substitute the orange yarn for another color.

Another project that is closely related to the one above involves making a featured bird. For this project you will need a bird cutout or you can make your own. Feathers will also be needed. Different sized and colored feathers can often be purchased at local craft stores for a fairly low price. Once you finish cutting the shape the bird, let your toddler glue the different colored feathers on. The final result will be a colorful bird that is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face.

A letter collage is a great way to introduce new letters and items into your child’s world. A letter collage can begin with a small piece of paper or a large poster board. Ahead of time, you and your child can choose a letter of the alphabet and focus on that letter while searching for words or pictures from a magazine. Once you and your child have finished gluing the pictures on the paper, you should discuss the letter and the items that you selected. This activity is great in teaching children how to become creative while educating them on the alphabet.

Making a hat for a child is a fun way to exercise their creativity and it will also given them a prop when playing dress up. You can either make your hat out of paper plates, construction paper, or newspapers. It is a good idea that the parent begins making the hat by placing the material around the child’s head and securing the correct size. The last thing a child wants is to spend time making a hat and have it not fit in the end. Once the main frame of the hat is secure you and your child can decorate the hat in anyway that you see fit. Fun accessories for homemade hats include colored paint, ribbons, bows, glitter, yarn, and feathers.

Children of all ages love making their own craft items and many crafts activities will also include the parents, making for great bonding time. The internet is an amazing resource when searching for free craft tips and guides. I would recommend that parents visit the web page The Free Craft Kids web page was started by a mother who wanted to share her secrets in keeping her children active and creative. This website also has free print out patterns and pages for kids to color. Have fun with your children and get them involved in making their own crafts, it will be a experience neither of you will forget.

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