Fun Tutorial: How to Make a T-shirt Oragami Out of a Dollar Bill

Before you begin: Choose a newer, cleaner dollar to work with. This will make your folders crisper and make the end product look much better. Always use a flat surface and make sure all your folds line up correctly.

Step One: Start by folding the bill exactly in half lengthwise. It does not matter what side you start to fold it on. Unfold the bill. This step is just to produce a crease to work on for step two.

Step Two: Fold the bill one quarter of the way towards the middle from each side lengthwise, again. The edges of the bill should just meet the middle crease made by the fold in step one. Do this for each side.

Step Three: Turn the bill over now to the unfolded side. Fold the white border of one end over. This will eventually become the collar of your oragami shirt.

Step Four: Turn the bill over once more to the side you last folded. From this side, angle-in the two opposite corners from the end. The two points should meet precisely at the center crease of the dollar.

Step Five: Fold a little less than one third of the bill lengthwise again from the opposite end. If you fold too little, the shirt will appear too long. If you fold too much, the next step won’t work at all. This is where precision matters. If you mess up this time, you can always come back and redo it.

Step Six: Next you will fold inward in the same direction as before, tucking the previous fold under the little “collar” created in the previous step.

Step Seven: Now unfold the previous two folds, keeping the creases the same. On the long fold furthest from the collar, refold it strait across.

Step Eight: You are now going to make two new folds. You do this by holding each side of the previous fold between your thumb thumb and forefinger, just on either side of the vertical fold. Just force the angle to close slightly, and force the extra parts inside the vertical folds. Once you’ve got it looking the right way, force the insides to crease by pressing on a hard surface like a table.

Step Nine: Now you should re-tuck the fold you’ve been working on back under the collar. After that you’re done and you have your dollar bill oragami t-shirt!

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