Fun Winter Craft for Kids – Make a Coffee Mate Snowman

Looking for a fun and easy craft to keep the kids busy on a cold and snowy winter day? Not only is this craft simple to make, it also recycles a common household item in a creative way. This craft project is suitable for Kindergarten students and older, with only a minimum of assistance from a parent. Once you make one Coffee Mate snowman, you will want to make more, until you have a whole Coffee Mate snowman family!

One plastic Coffee Mate creamer container with a colored top
Small, thin twigs that have a fork
Colored felt or construction paper
Red yarn
Googly eyes or buttons
Exacto knife

Before you begin to turn your Coffee Mate container into a whimsical snowman, peel the plastic label off and then thoroughly rinse the inside with fresh water. Scrub off any glue residue from the outside of the container. Pat the outside dry with a dish towel and then turn the container upside down in the dish rack with the cap open. Allow the Coffee Mate container to completely dry inside and out while you are gathering your art supplies.

Once the Coffee Mate container is ready to be decorated, ask your child how would like to decorate his snowman. Since the colored cap serves as the snowman’s winter hat, and the twigs will serve as the snowman’s arms, you only need to add eyes, mouth, nose and scarf. Here is where you can let your child be as creative and imaginative if they wish. Your child may want to use simple googly eyes, a triangle cut from black construction paper and red yarn for the smile. He may have more elaborate plans and wish to fashion the snowman’s eyes from discarded buttons, and draw shapes on colored felt for the nose, mouth and scarf. Make sure your child uses safety scissors to cut out his shapes, or do the cutting yourself. You are not limited to using only these items. Look around your home and use any interesting art supplies or simple household items you have on hand. For example, you can paint dry elbow noodles to make the snowman’s mouth or use food coloring to add color to cotton balls for the eyes. Allow your child to use his imagination and creativity to make his Coffee Mate snowman as unique as he is.

Once your Coffee Mate Snowman has his eyes, nose and scarf in place, you can then attach his arms.This step should be done by adults only. Using an Exacto knife or the sharp point of scissors, poke a hole on either side of the Coffee Mate container. Stick a forked twig into each hole to make the snowman’s arms.

You now have an adorable Coffee Mate Snowman that you can display in your home to celebrate the wonder and beauty of the season, created by you and the special child in your life.

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