GNC MegaMen Sport vs Centrum Multivitamins

Centrum has held, for quite some time, along with One a Day, a position as one of America’s most widely used multivitamins. And for good reason: just one of them, and you’re set for the day. They contain 100 percent DV (Daily Value) of most vitamins and minerals, they’re small, and they’re easy to swallow. Very, very rarely will they give you stomach problems.

Introducing another vitamin, one that I use, with success, after converting from Centrum, is GNC’s MegaMen Sport. It’s a two-a-day multivitamin, but it has a lot of things that Centrum doesn’t. Whereas Centrum has 100 percent or less for each vitamin or mineral present, MegaMen Sport has a wider variety of vitamins, along with a proprietary herb blend, with some nice additional supplements in it.

The herb blend contains Green Tea extract, gingko biloba, and (the nice additional supplements I mentioned) L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, and L-Taurine. If you’re an active individual, and you probably are, if you’re considering using a MegaMen Sport multivitamin, the L-Arginine, Carnitine, and Taurine will be very beneficial to you. They aid in muscle recovery and prevention or lessening of soreness after a hard workout, among other things. Also present in MegaMen Sport, that isn’t present in Centrum, is a branched chain amino blend. Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle, and the extra 150mg present in MegaMen Sport surely can do only good.

MegaMen Sport further boasts higher quantities of vitamins that are absolutely essential for athletically inclined individuals. High levels of the B-vitamins (Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, B-6, B-12…) are involved and neccessary in the body’s energy systems. Without them, you may find yourself lethargic, exhausted, and generally tired and unmotivated to exercise.

As far as I can tell, GNC’s MegaMen Sport multivitamin outlasts Centrum in every way. Centrum contains less (or none, in some cases) of everything present in MegaMen Sport. Sport is time-released, so you have a constant flow of vitamins and minerals throughout your body.

However, I hazard to tell you this: it can be dangerous for young people or highly sedentary adults to take a multivitamin as high in certain vitamins as MegaMen Sport. Unless you are frequently active, I recommend taking Centrum.

GNC’s proprietary blends have made a tremendous difference in my own muscle recover time, and soreness is no longer a problem.

I used Centrum for years, and as I got older, I really started dragging. Every day, going through the motions. Turns out I had a rough case of malnutrition; I started taking MegaMen Sport, and now I can work out to my heart’s content, suffer little to no soreness, and my gains are rapid and many.

I do, however, have one complaint about GNC’s MegaMen Sport. Looking over the supplement facts, I noticed with mild shock, that there was no iron in the supplement, whereas Centrum has 100 percent. Iron is extremely important for body and mind, neccessary for healthy blood, and aiding the cardiovascular system in the moving of oxygen around the body to where it is needed.

But GNC MegaMen Sport could, actually, compensate for this with its inclusion of Choline (important for the brain and healthy neurotransmission), Inositol, Silica, Boron, Lutein, Lycopene (that glorious antioxidant present in processed tomato products), Astaxanthin (not sure exactly what that does, but it has a really cool name. I bet you’d want to ingest it.), Zeaxanthin (another cool-named addition.), and Vanadium.

Though, MegaMen Sport is more expensive, you can’t put a price on your health, physical and otherwise.

They’re both good vitamins. Centrum is probably your better bet if you’re younger or inactive, and GNC’s MegaMen sport is probably your better bet if you’re very active.

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