Gardening: How to Have the Best Garden in the Most Impossible Soil

Most of us just love to garden and /or just want to spruce up our outside to look to our homes. But what do you do if your home was built on the most impossible area for gardening? I will show you how.

Gardening: Impossible dirt
My first home was built upon very rocky soil. It did have a layer of dirt over the granite below, but this made it impossible for planting the garden of my dreams.

Various elements can make gardening impossible for some people such as:
� Red clay
� Rock
� Loose sand
� Or even severely compacted dirt

If any of these things apply to your home, don’t worryâÂ?¦. It will be okay. 🙂

Gardening: Potting Soil is a MUST
First, you need to dig if the hindering elements are merely the loose sand or compacted dirt. Once you get the area dug up for your intended garden, use miracle grow potting soil or some variation of enhanced soil. Mix the potting soil with your dirt thoroughly. This will get your plants used to the elements in your land but at the same time allow the fortified nutrients to get it off to a healthy and productive start.

The roots will flourish in the mixture and spread into the harsh soil that you were blessed with. It is important to give all the plants a strong beginning in order for them to grow successfully.

For those with the other elements that are hindering the progress of gardening, I have a great way for you to achieve your dream garden.

With either stone or wood, build a border about a foot high in the area designated for this project. There are simple garden boxes that you can make or the more elaborate ones� it all depends on your own creativity. When completed, fill it full of enriched potting soil and plant to your hearts content.

These are very popular especially with the flowers and vine-ing plants that seem as though they are pouring over the edges after the first year. It gives a feel of abundant nature contained in your domain. It is as beautiful as it is symbolic.

Gardening: Your Dream Your Reality
No matter the dream you have about the perfect garden, or your gardening skills not being up to par, it makes no difference when you build your own garden through borders and creative boxes. It adds a touch of beauty to any property and will boost the value of your home.

Remember, never get discouraged when gardening. All you need is your own imagination and time to see it through.

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