Garlic: Uses & Medical Properties

We’ve all heard that garlic can repel creatures of the night, such as vampires, but what are its more logical uses? Garlic has long been known for its healing medical properties, which is why it is so coveted by north Indian chefs. Garlic has been used in various food preparations as well as medicines for centuries, and despite its peculiar and somewhat offensive odor, garlic is one of the healthiest herbs there are.

First of all, garlic gets its smell from a sulphuric chemical imbedded in its make-up. When it comes to medicinal terms, garlic is known as allium sativum, and has many different applications. Garlic plants are typically one or two feet tall, from which small bulbs that contain cloves. It will appear either white or light pink, and will be covered by a scaly membrane.

Garlic is antifungal, which means that it can help clear away athlete’s foot, eczema, psoriasis, ringworm and other fungal skin infections. It is also antibacterial, and can help ease a painful earache that is caused by bacteria. It has a high allicin content, which means that it can also be used as a preventative measure against colds, flu, bronchitis and upper respiratory infections.

Crushed garlic is considered more beneficial than straight garlic because crushing the cloves releases allicin. Before it is crushed, garlic is made up of a suphuric compound called alliin, and when the herb is crushed, it releases the more beneficial allicin.

Further, garlic is a natural blood thinner, which can help prevent plaque build-up in the arteries. The chemical make-up of garlic will also ward off flies in the summer, and is sometimes fed to horses for that very reason. And recently, there have been several scientific studies that seek to prove the healing aspect of garlic when it comes to the bodies natural defenses against cancer cells.

Garlic is known to increase the affects of aspirin, which makes it a formidable pain reliever. Some cultures consider garlic to be an aphrodisiac as well as a cure for poor vision and a natural dewormer for young children. Garlic has a very penetrable nature, which means that it can work as a blood clotting agent. It is also thought to ease the pain that comes with indigestion.

In short, garlic is a very powerful herb that has quite a few uses besides cooking and getting rid of vampires. Many people in India still use it for many common aches and pains that come with everyday living, and of course use it in most of their foods because they believe that it promotes a long and healthy life.

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