GenoMed Announces Healthchip to Predict Six Common Cancers/Lung Cancer

My friend, Sharon, teacher and mother of a little girl, stood up at a podium recently and announced that after being diagnosed with colon cancer in June she was now cured.

GenoMed, a Next Generation Disease Management company whose business is public health (TM) announced March 8th that it has developed a genomic test for predicting six common cancers: breast, colon, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, and prostate.

According to “Cancer News” GenoMed’s test, called the HealthchipÃ?® consists of several hundred single “snips.”

The Healthchip�® allows patients to focus their preventive efforts on a single organ.

Many of the genes that cause cancer will also make excellent targets for new chemotherapy drugs according to “Cancer Compass.”

GenoMed finds disease-causing genes and uses this knowledge to devise new treatment strategies according to staff.

“The greatest strength I got during all this was from my family,” Sharon said, tearfully. “My husband was ‘a rock’ and my daughter was amazing. I am now cancer-free.”

Kathy Cawthon of Hampton, VA co-founded The Cancer Crusade providing cancer patients with hope and healing through humor and Christine Smith of Seattle, WA leads the Northwest Hope and Healing Foundation and shows how personal tragedy can be turned into something positive.

Some volunteers involved in the American Cancer Society’s annual Relay for Life Fundraiser dedicate their personal effort to someone who has won the battle with cancer, someone battling the disease, or to someone who lost their life to it. Volunteers are encouraged to carry their donor envelopes around with them all the time to collection donations they might get on the spot. Volunteers often ask around in their neighborhood to obtain sponsors for their team, ask businesses that they frequent to donate $100 to sponsor them or ask them to put up a poster about the event, and try to get them involved in the relay.

Some volunteers have art auctions, professional and for students to raise funds.

In one city donations for the relay bouquets were for $2 each and they were made and delivered by volunteers. Other participants prepare and sell barbecue lunches, conduct basket silent auctions on-site, have bike rides to raise money, and have a “Birthday Party With a Purpose” where invitations ask that in lieu of gifts each guest brings a check made out to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Other volunteers have block parties, book sales donating old books to raise money, and bottle drives for states with a refundable bottle refund. Each team member runs a bottle drive in their area.

Other events do various types of cancer fundraiser bracelets and sell them locally or via the internet. Some volunteers have a Brown Bag Lunch Day where employees bring in their own lunches and donate the money they would have spent to the team. Others have a buffet lunch where everyone on the team brings food and guests are charged $5 for all you can eat or for a standard takeout container or $10 for both.

For more information on GenoMed, call 314-983-9933.

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