Geopathic Stress in the Suburbs

Rhylee Walker from Ickady Wickady is an Earth Transitions Facilitator who has been interested in earth’s changes since the 1980’s. Volcanoes, earthquakes, solar flares, hurricanes, tsunamis and other natural earth activities are fascinating to her. She has studied the moon’s affects on the earth and humans, our moods and unconscious responses to it and finds her work a powerful tool for assisting the earth.

Rhylee sees the earth’s anatomy in terms of circulatory and meridian systems similar to those present in the human body. The earth’s meridians are called ley lines or grids. Few people are aware that toxins are created in the human body through emotion, negativity and consumption of certain foods and beverages. The result of a build-up of such toxins creates pollution in our bodies which then manifest as ill health or stress. Similarly, accumulated negativity from human thought forms, social interaction and global upheaval creates earth toxins which in turn pollute the earth’s grids. Violence, murder, rage and hatye crimes focus lower vibrations in a particular area where the behaviour is consistently occurring. This resultant vibrational pollution is called Geopathic Stress. Intensive research indicates Geopathic Stress interferes with the health of those people living in or around these stressed areas.

As a qualified Earth Transitions facilitator, Rhylee seeks to create a space of harmony for people so that the negative earth energies aren’t undermining people’s health. She says the indicators of possible geo-pathic stress are excessive fatigue, aches and pains, and irritability in the people living in the area. On the land the toxins register as stunted growth, poor fruit, unhealthy plants, and plagues of pests such as spiders, ants, and /or silverfish.

Her work involves permanently clearing the land of Geopathic stresses by working with the relevant devas to introduce and, subsequently, sustain harmony in and around the land space. Devas are nature guardians who “caretake” designated land areas. Few people can see them but many sense their presence. Rhylee not only senses their presence, she communicates with them to ascertain the nature of the toxins and release the pollutants, regardless of their source(s). She is welcomed by many Devas as she uses a variety of tools to accomplish this such as bells, prayer, visualisation and vibrational sounds.

Watching her at work, one is assured she is indeed “in touch” with an energy higher than her own. Her face is a study of concentration and intense effort as she taps into the land’s “psyche” and seeks to heal it of its poison. Her body and voice undulate with the particular vibrational sounds needed for the task at hand. In that moment, she is alone with Mother Earth and is a willing midwife in re-birthing a cleaner energy for the land she is working with. Her respect for Mother Earth is more than intellectual; it is a heartfelt response to another’s pain. And Rhylee believes Mother Earth is a living entity, one that deserves respect and assistance. She is clearly passionate about Mother Earth and says, “It’s the greatest “high” to feel like I have contributed to society. I feel like I have found my life’s mission. I like being a soldier in Mother Earth’s army.”

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