George W. Bush’s Top Five Reasons Why John McCain is Unfit to Be President

At this point in time John McCain appears to be the only Republican capable of winning in 2008 in a fair election. Of course, the GOP won’t run a fair election so that’s a nearly meaningless statement, but if he could possibly win a fair election, it’s safe to say he would probably win an election in which the GOP are given free reign to conduct their usual brand of dirty tricks. But would John McCain make a good President in 2008? The following are the top five reasons why the George Bush campaign thought John McCain should not be President in 2000. His campaign workers were spreading these reasons throughout the state. Since George W. Bush knew these assertions were being made about John McCain to potential voters and did nothing to stop them, one can only assume one of two things. Either he knew they were smears and lies and approved them anyway, in which case he is pure scum. Or else he believed them,to be true, and honestly and with integrity believed John McCain was not qualified to become President. Since I simply cannot believe that George W. Bush is pure scum, I will rest my assumption on the latter. Therefore, I fully expect Pres. Bush to come forward in 2008 with these reasons for why John McCain is not qualified to be President. If he believed these reasons were enough to disqualify McCain from the Presidency in 2000, then surely he must also believe they are enough to disqualify him from the Presidency in 2008. I look forward to Pres. Bush’s appearance in campaign ads in 2008 repeating the following assertions. Failure to do so will only convince me – as it should everyone – that he is pure scum, after all.

George W. Bush’s Reason Number 5 Why John McCain Should Never Be President:

Not only did John McCain adopt a black daughter, but he also fathered another child with a black prostitute.

George W. Bush’s Reason Number 4 Why John McCain Should Never Be President:

John McCain illegally interfered with federal regulators investigating the savings and loan scandal when McCain was named as one of the Keating 5, a group of lawmakers under investigation for their relationship with one of the biggest corporate criminals of the 1980s.

George W. Bush’s Reason Number 3 Why John McCain Should Never Be President:

John McCain is gay and is the number one choice for President for-as the Bush campaign workers calling supporters in South Carolina put it-“fags.” (Seems to kind of contradict reason number 5, but nobody ever said the Bushies were consistent.)

George W. Bush’s Reason Number 2 Why John McCain Should Never Be President:

John McCain has so little leadership ability that he allowed his wife to become a drug addict.

George W. Bush’s Reason Number 1 Why John McCain Should Never Be President:

After five years as a POW in Vietnam, whose mind wouldn’t be affected? John McCain has shown on many occasions that he has a quick temper. John McCain clearly was adversely affected by time spent in a Vietnamese prison of war camp. Do we really want to trust this man to have his finger on the button? According to the Bush campaign workers campaigning in South Carolina in 2000, John McCain is a walking, talking real-life Manchurian Candidate who was brainwashed by his communist captors and could go nuclear at any time. Wait…sorryâÂ?¦I just reread what the Bush campaign workers were actually telling South Carolina Republicans and apparently they were actually saying that John McCain could go nuke-ya-ler at any time in keeping with Dubya’s misinterpretation of the English language.

Of course, we all know now that none of those reasons-even if they had been true-would still be enough to justify all those South Carolina Republican baboon butts-for-brain to have chosen George W. Bush over John McCain. At the time of the South Carolina primary in 2000, all the momentum was on McCain’s side. It’s still doubtful that he would have gotten the nomination over Bush when you consider that Bush not only had Karl Rove to lie for him in the other 40 or so states left, but he also had his brother Jeb to fix things in Florida if the primary had gone badly there, as well as all his Texas crooks to make sure he didn’t get humiliated there. StillâÂ?¦who knows how history might have played out if South Carolina wasn’t populated by Republican voters whose political views lean slightly to the right of Adolph Hitler.

Things are different now, of course. Whereas in 2000 George W. Bush had to get his toadies to lie about John McCain in order to prove McCainisn’t worthy of being President, today we have any number of real reasons why he isn’t worthy. Of course, all those reasons really boil down to the same thing. Despite the fact that George W. Bush spread all those vicious rumors and unvicious rumors in a viciously intended way, John McCain-the Republican candidate who prides himself on being a maverick, who is his own man, who isn’t just a Party guy following the leadership-is the biggest Bush butt-kisser in the country.

Imagine calling yourself a man of character and a maverick and then voting in lockstep, as well as vigorously campaigning for, the guy who allowed his campaign workers to question your sanity and call your wife a drug addict. Beyond that, imagine voting for a guy who calls himself the maverick candidate in the GOP, but who has the following resume:

John McCain voted against making Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday a national holiday.

“We must win in Iraq. We cannot fail. If we lose in Iraq, they’re coming after us. We will fight them somewhere else – like here. It’s all part of a gigantic, titanic struggle between good and evil.” I know that sounds like something that might have come out of the mouth of Pres. Bush or Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld, but guess what? It came out of the mouth of Sen. John McCain.

John McCain voted along with most other Republican Senators to divert money from American soldiers in Iraq to be spent on US border security at the height of the immigration fear mongering designed to draw attention away from the fact that Iraq is going so horribly, horribly wrong.

John McCain was one of the few Americans-not least politicians-who agreed with Pres. Bush on that infamously incompetent decision of Bush’s to sell our port security to a Muslim country that has harbored terrorists.

In 2000, John McCain said that Jerry Falwell was “an agent of intolerance.” He has reversed that opinion despite the fact that since McCain made that statement, Jerry Falwell has blamed gays and lesbians for 9/11 as well as further cementing the already entrenched intolerant messages he had made which caused McCain to call him that in the first place.

And, lest we forget, John McCain has been at the forefront of supporting the invasion of Iraq from the beginning, standing alongside Bush.

In the 2008 election, his opponent will no longer be forced into the sewer alongside the likes of Karl-Why Haven’t You Denied Having a Three-Way With Laura Bush and Ann Coulter yet-Rove in order to devise lies about why John McCain should not become President. There are plenty of real reasons, not the least that-according to his voting record in the Senate in the past five and a half years-voting for John McCain would be exactly the same thing as putting George W. Bush back into the Oval Office.

If George W. Bush is your idea of a maverick Republican, then I heartily suggest you cast your vote for John McCain as President.

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