Get Organized with Scrapbook Storage

If you are an avid scrapbook enthusiast then you know how quickly all those scrapbooking supplies add up. There is nothing more frustrating than having your scrapbook supplies stored in various places and not knowing where certain items are. Scrapbook storage can help get you organized so you can find items easily when they are needed. I’ve found that by having individual scrapbook storage methods by type of scrapbooking material, I can have more time to enjoy my scrapbooking hobby. Here are some scrapbook storage ideas to help you get your scrapbook items organized:

Scrapbook Storage Idea #1: Get the paper and cardstock organized.

Methods to organize the scrapbook paper and cardstock include stacking shelves, vertical files, a file folder, or stackable paper trays. All of these will work with the goal of keeping the papers accessible, protecting them from damage, and making it easy to see what you have. Mix and match these items until you find the right combination of storage for your own scrapbooking needs.

Scrapbook Storage Idea #2: Organize embellishments.

The small scrapbooking supplies need to be organized so you can find them when you want to use them. Use a variety of small drawers and organizer bins for storing tags, buttons, ribbons, and brads. Store like items together either based on a theme or color.

Scrapbook Storage Idea #3: Store the Journaling pens, markers, and pencils.

You could use a special tool holder or store them in a pencil case or other shallow organizing bin. Try to group like items together which will make them easier to find.

Scrapbook Storage Idea #4: Die Cuts, Stamps, Stickers, and Other Misc Scrapbooking Items.

If you have a supply of die and die cuts you can organize them by using a drawer or cubby method. I like to use a variety of clear plastic bins so I can see what each bins contains. You can also use a large manila envelope or even an accordion style folder to store your die cuts. Consider a large rolling cart with several drawers to store some of these small supplies.

Scrapbook Storage Idea #5: Work in Progress Packet.

If you find it difficult to complete a scrapbooking project in one sitting, you’ll want to have a special place to store your work in progress. Using an accordion folder or manila envelope, gather together all the items you intend to use in the finished piece. This will save time when you get ready to finish your scrapbooking page.

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