Get Prescription Help for Multiple Sclerosis Medication

There’s new financial help for people with multiple sclerosis. Berlex Laboratories, Inc has established an independent, nonprofit organization, called the Betaseron Foundation, for multiple sclerosis patients who are having trouble with the cost of their Betaseron therapy. The company provides Betaseron to patients who could otherwise not afford the medication, and who meet eligibility criteria.

Betaseron, a medication used to help those with multiple sclerosis lead a better life, can cost up to $10,000 per year, but for many people, that cost might as well be a million dollars. The high cost of this drug has become of great importance to the Betaseron Foundation, which was created to assist those that need but cannot afford Betaseron injections.

For those with MS Betaseron has been proven to reduce the frequency and severity of exacerbations. It also decreases brain plaque development, meaning less hospitalization and medical attention. But those with inadequate insurance coverage can be strapped by the high cost of the drug.

To determine if you are eligible to receive assistance to pay for the Betaseron you must first have a physician’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, be a US citizen, and complete an eligibility application. Along with the application you’ll also be required to verify the household income by way of a copy of your most recent federal tax return. You’ll also need to show proof of Social Security, if you receive it.

After collecting all the information you can give the paperwork to your MS physician who can then mail the form in, along with some of the info from your medical charts. Support begins when the application is approved and is not retroactive. Recipients may be required to pay a participation fee for Betaseron provided through the foundation, but the fee is never over $25. Per month. All applications must be renewed annually and the eligibility information will be verified periodically.

The Betaseron Foundation also provides Autoject 2 for MS patients. Autoject 2 is a device that automatically delivers injections to MS patients. Those applying for the Betaseron assistance can also request the Autoject 2 system at the same time.

At any time before, during, or after the application process, patients and doctors are welcome to receive information by contacting the Betaseron Foundation.

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