Get Rid of Wasps

Wasps are more threatening than other stinging insects because wasps can sting numerous times. Wasps make nests in the eaves of houses, sheds, and in other areas where they are protected from the elements. If you notice an excessive number of wasps around your home, you might find it necessary to take steps to get rid of wasps and their nests.

Wasps sometimes make their nests in attics, overhangs, porch roofs, and roof peaks. Wasps also make holes in the ground, and ground level wasp nests can be particularly dangerous to kids, pets, and anyone who may step into their territory. Wasp stings can be deadly to those allergic to their venom, and if you or family members have never been stung, you can’t say for certain if an allergy exists.

Kids are often taught if they don’t bother a wasp or bee, the bee or wasp won’t bother them. This isn’t necessarily true. The worlds of humans and wasps sometimes intertwine, and when they do it can be very painful, and on rare occasions, deadly. Get rid of wasps before they sting visitors to your home or unsuspecting members of your family.

I have been stung by simply putting my hand on the doorknob while entering my home, and I’ve been stung while making my bed. Unbeknownst to me, a wasp was in the covers, and I didn’t see it until I had been stung. I’m not allergic to wasps, but if I was, immediate medical care would be necessary. I didn’t see either of these wasps, and I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary.Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½

A trap can be helpful in getting rid of wasps, but a trap isn’t the total answer. Wasp nests must be destroyed if they are located in areas close to humans and animals. Wasps will continue to make their nests larger if you don’t get rid of them, and the wasp population will continue to grow.

Destroying Nests

Get rid of the nests and you’ll get rid of the wasps, but don’t attempt to get rid of a nest during daylight hours. Wasps are most active during daylight hours when the weather is warm. Get rid of wasp nests after dark when the temperature has dropped. Commercial wasp spray is effective in destroying nests, and the cans are designed to spray many feet. This is helpful in reaching wasp nests in roof peaks and other areas out of reach. Wasp spray also helps make eradication safer since it’s possible to stand a safe distance back from angry wasps.

If you find a wasp nest in an enclosed area, and if spraying isn’t an option, consider buying pest strips designed to kill wasps. Hang chemically treated strips after daylight hours, and keep family and pets away from the area until the wasps are dead. Even if the nest appears empty, use extreme caution. Wasps may be hiding in the tubes of the nest. Remove the nest after you are sure all of the wasps are gone, and use a long-handled shovel or similar item.

Simple Traps

Have you ever been stung on the lip while drinking from a can of soda? Wasps like sweet drinks as much as people, and wasps often get into soda cans on hot summer days. This is the inspiration behind wasp traps. You can buy wasp traps at the store, but store-bought wasp traps aren’t necessary. A simple homemade trap can help control the wasp population.

To make a wasp trap you’ll need a jar with a lid. Make a pinky-size hole in the center of the lid, and fill the jar about halfway with sugar water. Sweet jelly mixed with water also works well. Wasps and bees will enter the jar in search of sweets, and they’ll fall into sugary mixture and drown.

Although wasp traps can help control the wasp population, don’t rely on traps alone to rid your home and yard of wasps. Follow the above tips and suggestions for killing wasps, destroy the wasp nests, and get rid of these stinging pests once and for all.

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