Get Tickets to Oprah, Montel, and Jerry

On shows like Oprah, it’s almost common sense to know anyone who succeeds on getting tickets is lucky. Since we’re using her as an example already, let’s take it one step further. How would you go about getting tickets to Oprah? Unlike shows such as Jerry Springer (we’ll get to him later) you must call the reservation line on a set date generally the month before. Take right now as an example-For May you must call on April 17th from 10am CT until 4pm CT. Of course, these tickets are free. However, your timing must be finely tuned and you must have the patience to deal with busy phone lines just to reach your goal.

My personal favorite is Montel Williams. Though very popular, this show seems like there’s almost a guaruntee of room for you and maybe even a few friends. There are two ways to request tickets. You can use a form on his site, or call the phone number given. The best part about this is group ticket requests are embraced with open arms and that would be great for people going on a trip. Please keep in mind that Montel Williams only tapes from August-May when trying to make plans to attend his show.

A surprisingly easy show to attend (and I know this personally) is the Jerry Springer show. Whether he’s doing his political radio show or taping his show, you’d at least get to enjoy him talk about things that are actually funny and he even dabbles a bit into this to warm the crowd up before the actual show begins. That’s the best part, I believe. So, how would you get his tickets? You can do a number of things. You can call, write, request them online, and if you want to test your chances last minute you can call before the show (I’d give a substantial amount of time between requesting tickets and the actual show) and request. These are just examples of how easy and hard it can be to get in the audience. Most of the things you have to remember are:

  • Make sure you call ahead of time to make sure you do get tickets.
  • Check the sites of the shows you want to go to. They give thorough instructions on how to retrieve their tickets.
  • Some shows require you be eighteen and have proper identification. Especially Jerry Springer.
  • When the set a time for you to show up, make sure you are there in a timely fashion. They have to search you and do things to ensure the protection of the host, guests, and audience. It takes time, don’t waste it.
  • Have fun! While the host and guests are important, they need good reactions from the crowd! Have a lot of energy and understand that you’ll probably be on television if only for a second!

These shows usually offer numbers to call if you want to request tickets right before commercials. You can also research getting tickets by going to their sites. Good luck and have fun with whichever show you choose to attend!

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