Get Wild at the Tulsa Zoo

In Tulsa’s Mohawk Park one of the state’s best living museums and zoos can be found. At the Tulsa Zoo you can see more than 250 different kinds of animals spread over more than seventy acres. There are grottos for some of the animals including the bears of which there are several species. Zebras, Cape Buffalos, antelopes and other animals share the African Savannah area.

You can watch chimpanzees playing in their own chimp playground or ride the minature zoo train around the outside perimeter of the zoo for a view of everything.

Several buildings do their best to provide natural habitats for a host of creatures. There is a walk through cave in the Eastern forest building, a Wetlands exhbit with a special area with Oklahoma wetlands, a tropical rainforest, a Southern Lowlands building with a large coral reef inside an aquarium, and an African Masai tribal village built on the edge of the savannahs.

In addition to the train, there is a carousel with various animals instead of the traditional horses.

Admissions are $6 for adults, $4 over age 54, and ages 3 to 11 $3.00. Half price admissions after 5pm daily.

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