Get Your Kid Off the Couch and into a Summer Sport Camp in the DFW Area

Sleep late, watch some television, maybe nap at poolside, and then stay up all night playing video games with friends. That is most kids’ idea of a perfect summer vacation. However, in light of articles about children’s obesity and lack of fitness, parents are searching for ways to get their offspring off the couch and exercising. Check out these sport and fitness camp choices in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and get your kids moving based on their abilities and interests.

Dallas Mavericks Hoop Camp for ages 8 to 18 is held in various locations around the DFW area.
(214-747-6287). One-week sessions costs $225 and includes game vouchers, jerseys, and other pro basketball paraphernalia. The camp teaches basketball and includes guest speakers.

Pepsi Nancy Lieberman Basketball Camp is held at two locations – Collin County Community College or the University of Texas at Dallas – and teaches fundamentals of basketball along with game tactics. ( or 972-307-0101)

Arlington Parks and Recreation Sports Academy teaches ages 6 to 15 about various sports including basketball. The one- week sessions costs $75 to $125 and offers a variety of activity. ( or 817-462-3700

Fencing Day Camp offers a unique sport for ages 8 to 17. The price of $150 to $350 includes equipment. It teaches students how to fence or how to improve their skills and prepare for competitions. ( or 972-444-8498) En garde!

It would not be Texas if football camps did not exist. Load up your child with a sport drink and watch him sweat off the pounds at the following camps:

Garland Owls Youth Football Camp. Grades 3rd thru 8th. ( or 972-494-8589)
Phil Bennett Mustang Football Camps Grades 2nd thru 12th ( or 214-768-3667
Premier Football Camp Ages 7-14 ( or 972-481-9400)

Whether it is English or Western equestrian that interests your youngster, check into these stables for riding, horse care, and safety:

Benbrook Stables Horse Camp offers one- day sessions for ages 6 to 16 at a cost of $50. ( or 817-249-1001)
Capricorn Equestrian Center Summer Horseback Riding Camp has one week sessions for ages 7 to 14 at $200. ( or 972-530-1124)
English Riding Camp specializes in English riding in one-week sessions for age 6 and up. (972-734-2087)
Merriwood Ranch Riding Camp has one-week sessions for girls only, ages 7 to 14 at a cost of $375. (972-495-4646)
Wagon Wheel Ranch has one-week sessions for ages 6 and up at a cost of $250. ( or 817-481-8284)

Ice Skating:
Not to denigrate football, but frankly in Texas in the summer, the smart thing to do to beat the heat is to learn how to ice skate. Whether it is figure skating or hockey, enjoy the cool ice rink at the following camps.

Americas Ice Garden has daily or weekly sessions for all age groups. ( or 214-720-8080)
Ice Skating Classes at the StarCenter will keep your child cool. ( or 214-467-5283

Rock Climbing:
Rock Climbing Camp for ages 6 to 14 teaches rock climbing as well as offering team building activities. ( or 817-421-3888)

Work on indoor and outdoor soccer skills at the following soccer camps. Dribbling, heading, and controlling the ball are just a few of the exercises worked on for this international sport.

Dallas Sidekicks Summer Soccer Camps has one-week sessions for ages 5 to 12. ( or 972-306-9200)
FC Dallas School of Excellence Soccer Training for ages 7 to 12 in one-week sessions. ( or 214-777-0215)
Rockwall Parks Skyhawks Soccer runs one week in July for ages 7 to 14. ( or 972-771-7740)
Smudger’s Soccer Camps are held all over Dallas and its suburbs for ages 6 to 12. ( or 972-233-3146)

Kids want to be at the pool anyway. Put their energy to good use learning swim strokes, water safety, and competitive swimming.

All Star Tennis, Swim, and Sports Camp have well-rounded one-week sessions for multiple sports. ( or 972-241-5961)
Lancaster Recreation Center Aquatics covers 6 months or older in swim instruction. ( or 972-227-1112)
Mars Swim Camp for ages 6 to 12. ( or 817-925-0505)
NRH20 Swim Lessons and Lifeguard Training takes its water sports seriously. ( or 817-427-6500)
Everyone can whack a tennis ball over the net. However, tennis is a game of finesse and your child can learn the skills – volley, drop shot, lob, and the art of the serve – at these camps.

Bill Bos All Star Junior Tennis Camps is for ages 5 to 15. (972-248-6833)
Fretz Tennis Center Tennis Camp for ages 4 to 18 has one-week sessions. ( or 214-670-6622)
Oakridge Country Club Tennis and All-Sports Camp for ages 6 to 15. ( or 972-530-8020)

Be prepared for the family reunion volleyball tournament. Your child will learn how to play the game and perhaps achieve that spike to score a winning point.

Martin High School Volleyball Camp for grades 3rd through 9th. ( or 817-480-3932)
University of Texas at Arlington Volleyball Camp is held for ages 10 to 18. ( or 817-272-2216)
Volleyball at Sportsplex at Valley View for grades 4th through 12th ( or 972-385-5416 ext. 30)

The Dallas/Fort Worth area offers a lot of sports activity and instruction. Get your child off the couch and out from behind a remote control to learn new sports skills and make new friends. Whether once a week or daily, exercise is good for your kid and can teach your youngster a healthy lifestyle. Make sure your child stays hydrated and has some fun at a sport summer camp.

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