Getting Animal Urine Out of Carpets

Do you have unwanted smells in your carpets? After moving into a new house almost one year ago, my husband and I have been fighting the “urine smell” in our carpeting left behind by the previous owners. It came to our attention that our house had an unwanted smell that protruded from our floors, especially when everything was closed up for the winter. At first, we were perplexed though since our cat and dog were both house-trained, for more than a year each, these smells were definitely an animal urine smell. Anyone that has come across an animal urine smell on a different occasion will know the smell that I am referring to and can not be mistaken for another one. In addition, it is also important to note that if animal urine is left on a carpet, current animals will also urinate on the carpet to mark his/her territory. It is a vicious circle for pet-owners.

For one year, we tried using name-brand sprays, numerous candles, air-fresheners, steam cleaning machines and so on. Much to our chagrin, nothing seemed to get the smell away from our carpets. It was rather embarrassing having friends over for a dinner party and it was stressful to remember to open a window and spray enough air-freshener before the guests arrived. Therefore I went on a search to find the best solution to this never-ending problem.

At first we tried name-brand sprays that are meant to penetrate the carpet with tiny bubbles that were to lift the smells away. Where the smells were supposed to go, I am not sure but they stayed in our carpets. We also used liquid solutions that go in a steam cleaner however it did not work very long. The two brands that actually worked were 409 Carpet spray and Resolve Dual Carpet spray. The only problem with these two sprays was that they only worked on “fresh” urine on the carpet. It is beneficial to have these two sprays if your current animals are having accidents on your carpets. Spraying these solutions on the carpet will get only the fresh smell and urine out of the carpet. On our carpets, the sprays only worked for about one day and then the unwanted smells reappeared.

Throughout the search process, we tried to cover up the unwanted smells with candles, air fresheners and so on. Again, these “miracle solutions” were supposed to whisk us away from unwanted smells on a rose filled could however our trip ticket never seemed to come. The smells were covered up for about an hour and then they seemed to sneak back in the house. I would suggest using Lysol Disinfectant Spray while trying to get rid of any urine smell. This spray may not take away the smell however it will work great against the bacteria and chemicals that are in animal urine. Parents with children should take special caution and use Lysol to assure the children are not getting into the bacteria filled carpet spot.

The solution that worked for us was an old maids recipe that has been used for hundreds of years. Through trial and error, this recipe has been created to be the only solution that works on old urine smells and other unwanted smells in carpets and rugs.

Recipe for Fresh Smells:
1. Pour a cup of water on the spot.

2. Dab the spot with paper towels until the carpet is only moist.

3. Let it dry naturally.

4. Either use 409 Carpet Spray or Resolve Carpet Solution. Or, use baking soda.

5. Let it dry.

6. Vacuum.

Recipe for Stale smells:
1. Make a solution of fifty percent water and fifty percent white vinegar. You can either place this solution in a carpet steamer (we use the tiny Bissell steam cleaner available from Wal-Mart and other stores) or use a bucket and sponge. Either steam this solution through the steamer or apply by hand.

2. Let the solution dry on the carpet.

3. When the solution has dried on the carpet, scatter common cooking baking soda on the carpet.

4. Let it set for about ten minutes. Baking soda will take away the smell naturally however needs a little time to settle and work away.

5. Make another solution with one cup three percent hydrogen peroxide (usually in the medical section near band-aids in the grocery store) and mix it with one tsp of dish detergent.

6. Since the peroxide will not work well in a steamer cleaner, it is important to get on ones’ hands and knees and work this solution on top of the baking soda into the carpet. Do not be stingy though, use lots and rub into the carpet so that it will penetrate deep down. Most carpets have a thin layer of soft “stuffing” under the carpet one walks on therefore that is where the smell is sticking. By pouring this solution on the carpet, the solution will get down into this thin layer that traps unwanted smells.

7. Let the solution dry on the carpet.

8. Vacuum all the solution up.

Now if this solution does not work, I think it is time to get a new carpet or rug. Some smells are just unbearable and this judgment will need to be made. This solution has worked on our tough carpets and rugs though, so I am sure it will help out the even most frustrated pet-owners.

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