Getting Fresh with the AirWick Freshmatic Ultra Unit

Have you ever felt like the air in the house was stagnant? Do you have rooms that stink to high heaven? Most of us can sympathize with these questions. I smoke and my wife and I have cats, so this is a constant problem. Of course, there are a few areas worse than all the others. We all have bathrooms and laundry rooms, but there are other places that collect the worst of smells. One day, we were visiting my mother and noticed her bathroom always smells great. I decided to ask her how she managed to keep the bathroom so fresh. She informed us of a recent purchase, called the AirWick Freshmatic Ultra Unit, at the Walmart store she works in. The following weekend we found some coupons for the AirWick Freshmatic Ultra Unit and a refill and were quick to make use of them.

The AirWick Freshmatic Ultra Units range from $10 to around $11.99, depending where you find them. The package includes the Automatic Unit, one of the scents, two “AA” batteries, and a screw to hang the unit up. The single scent refills run from $3 to around $4.50, with six different scents to choose from: fresh waters, lavender, papaya and mango, spring blossoms, sparkling citrus, and harvest spice.

Assembling the unit is simple. Push a tab down to open the unit, insert the “AA” batteries, make sure the unit is in the off position, once you have verified the unit is off you can put the scented can into the unit, find a good spot to place the unit, then use the screw included to secure the unit in place, and finally turn the unit on. You will know if the unit is working appropriately, because a green light will blink. When you see the green light blinking rapidly it means that the scented can is getting low. To change the can, turn the unit to the off position, replace with a new can, and then turn the unit back on. If you notice that the green light is not on, then you will know you need to change the batteries. There are three different settings to choose from. The first option sprays a single squirt in nine minute intervals, then there is an eighteen minute option, or the longest option is thirty-six minutes.

The obvious choice would be to set the unit in nine minute intervals for the freshest results. The scented cans last for up to sixty days. I know we have ours set to nine minute intervals, because we love how fresh our room smells. It has been over a week and the can is not even a quarter emptied. I am pretty certain that the nine minute intervals will empty the can much sooner than sixty days. However, since this is a new purchase for us, only time will tell. My wife and I are intending on purchasing a couple more units to place throughout the house. That is how much we enjoy the unit.

The cans do have warnings on them. They are the obvious warnings, since the cans are aerosol cans. Keep them out of intense heat and out of pressurized areas. You do not want any accidental explosions. You also need to turn away from the spray, this can cause damage if you get a dose in the eyes. These warnings are common sense, but it never hurts to mention.

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