Getting My Dryer Repaired with Sears Home Services

I come home from a day at work and heard the news, “the dryer’s not working.” Immediately my mind races into gear. What could be wrong with it, I wonder? After thinking about prior experiences and asking a few probing questions, I determine that it could be the belt which has broken.

So, after disconnecting the dryer, I began to take off the back of the dryer. There, a ribbon-like serpent that once helped dry all of our clothes, was laying on the bottom. It was broken. For a brief moment, I thought I would just buy another belt and attempt to install it myself, but after looking at the helpless machine, I decided I did not want to do it myself.

The machine is a Kenmore. We have had work done on its washing cohort before, so I tried to reach the individual who had performed that minor repair. But he could not be located. So I called Sears. After all, it is their product. After interacting with the mechanical operator, an appointment for service was made.

True to form, the appointment was narrowed down to a period of four hours. “Anytime between 1PM and 5PM”, the computerized voice proclaimed.

Well, the day came and the machine was fixed. I was unable to be home at that time, but my wife claims that the service man took less than a half hour to complete the job. He replaced the belt and a pulley that was identified as worn. The total cost was $193.74! The belt was $24.28, more than I was expecting. The pulley was $17.53, I can only trust that it did need to be replaced. The labor was $149.00 for a half of an hour. That rate is outrageous for one whole hour let alone less than 30 minutes.

In the end, I still saved money by not getting their service warranty. I bought the machine 6 years ago and would have paid over $200 by now to keep the service agreement intact. But next time, I am going to get Charlie. He’s the man who fixed my washer for only $50.

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