Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers…And For the Cats!

Do you have a cat lover in your life? Is there a birthday or a holiday coming up, or would you like to get them a little gift “just because”? There are lots of wonderful gifts you can get a cat lover for their cat and here are some ideas to get you started thinking. These gifts will work whether the cat is an indoor or an outdoor cat.

Most cat lovers have a special bond with their cat, they consider their cat like a member of the family, or like a special friend in their lives. They take extra care to make sure that their cat has everything they could need or want to be happy, healthy and stay curious about their surroundings. Cat lovers are always on the lookout for products that will help with these goals.

Cat Toys – These can be a popular item to get a cat lover. But some cat toys seem to be built without an actual cat in mind. I know that my cat has torn some cat toys literally to shreds in days. A healthy cat, whether an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, is an active cat – and an active cat is going to be one that is going to go after a toy as if they are hunting because hunting is part of playing for a cat. One good toy to get cats are those plastic balls with bells inside. Make sure that small parts cannot come loose. Another toy that has been very popular in my household is known as “kitty bird” and can be called by other names. Found on as Da Bird Interactive Feather Cat Toy, the toy has a long feathered end and a 36 inch rod that you swing the feathered end by. The cat runs around, chasing the feathers all over the place. Your cat will love this! You can find it on at

Catnip – A great gift for a cat owner is a small planted pot of catnip. Many cats love catnip and catnip can be rubbed on their favorite toys or on their bedding. It can make cats sleepy, silly or even a little wild, it all depends on the cat. You can find catnip at some pet store supply stores or even at gardening stores.

Cat Magazine Subscription – Any cat owner would love a subscription to a cat magazine, such as Cat Fancy Magazine. A cat magazine will talk about cats and will have great photos of cats. Some cat magazines talk more about behavioral issues and health, and others are more about sharing cute photos of cats and cute stories about cats. Do a google search for cat magazines to find a variety of cat magazines to select what you think your friend or family member would enjoy.

Pet Bowl – A cat owner would love not just any pet bowl, but a customized pet bowl that they can make at a ceramics place. There are many walk-in ceramics studios in most communities where you can paint pre-made items and they charge you a sitting fee and a firing fee and a fee per the item you select. Why not invite your friend to make a pet bowl for their beloved furry friend? The ceramics place will more often than not have accessories to help customize the bowl such as stencils and stamps and a rainbow of colors of paints to select from. When I did my cats’ bowls at a ceramics place, the place had stencils of cat paw prints and little fish. They also had stencils for lettering so I could put each pet’s name on the bowl. You can create something really special.

Picture Frame – Who doesn’t love a picture of their cat? Why not give a picture frame to put a cat picture, but also make the picture frame have a cat theme? You can find cat themed picture frames at many large department and gift stores, even at pet supply stores.

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