Gift Ideas for Engineers

Need a gift idea now? Have you realized that the holidays will soon be here? Yep, it’s true, two major gift giving occasions are birthdays and Christmas that cause most of us to start pulling our hair out and screaming. Some people just seem to have a knack for gift giving, they just seem to be in the right place at the right time, and instinctively know what to give. What is the secret? Preparedness! The dreaded word that mother harped about does help ease gift giving stress, and the gift idea list below for engineers is meant to help you stress less. The fact is that most people see the engineering crowd as, dare I say it, the techie egg head crowd, but the gifts for them are some of the most unique and truly useful for any profession. Remember buying gifts can be a perplexing task, but it does not need to be if you personalize and theme it with the recipient in mind. So, take a deep breath and a pencil, and go shopping for these great gift ideas for the engineer you know and love, or would like to know better.


v Paper Weight
v Electronic Pencil Sharpener
v Desk Organizer
v Calculator
v Distance Calculator
v Magnetic Memo Board
v Drafting Set
v Mechanical Pencils
v Mouse Pad
v Electronic Distance Measure Pen
v Desk Clock
v Stapler
v Stapler Remover
v Magnetic Paper Clip Holder
v Business Card Holder
v Desk Sculpture


v Lap Top Computer (The engineer will really love you for this one!)
v Tape Measure
v Candle Wattage Flash Light
v Metal Measuring Stick
v Floor Mats For Vehicle
v Multi Use Tool
v Tie Down Straps
v Tool Bin
v Inclement Weather Gear
v Safety Vest
v Safety Triangles
v Flares
v Fire Extinguisher
v Medical Kit
v Hard Toe Boots
v All Weather Boots
v Boxed Towels Or Rags
v Vehicle GPS
v Paper Map
v Drink Caddy
v Steering Wheel Cover
v Blue Print Container


v Books On History Of Engineering
v Books On Technical Writing And Speaking
v Books On Preparing Engineering Documents
v Books On Skills For Success In The Engineering World
v Engineer Dictionaries (Example: Wiley)
v E – Books On Any Topic Of Engineering
v Subscription Gift To Engineering Trade Magazines
v Free Trade Engineering Magazine Subscription
v Paid Trip To A Seminar (Again, any engineer will love you for it!)
v DVDs On Engineering


v Personal Organizer
v Pen and Pencil Set
v Wrist Watch
v Tie Tack
v Neck Tie Bar
v Lapel Pin
v Cuff Links
v Ring
v Necklace
v Bracelet
v Belt Buckle
v T Shirt
v Sweat Shirt
v Sweat Band
v Stress Ball
v Shelf Sitter
v Book Ends
v Gift Card
v Travel Alarm Clock
v Throw Blanket
v Candy Dish


v Chocolate Gift Set In Engineering Theme
v Games With Engineering Theme
v Building Set
v Historic Survey Chain And Rod
v Engineering Playing Cards
v Engineering Themed Post Cards
v Historic Engineering Themed Postage Stamp Set
v Historic Engineering Themed Coin Set
v Engineering Car License Plate Frame
v Framed Print Of Engineering Topic
v Tapestry Wall Hanging Of Engineering Theme
v Tapestry Pillow Of Engineering Topic

Remember to start early and be creative! You never know what other great gift giving ideas you will find, or think of once the creative juices begin to flow. Also, be sure to take your list with you, and share with friends and family.

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