Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day that Will Make Her Happy

Mothers in the United States may possibly grow weary of receiving the same gifts for their holiday every year. Store-bought cards, candy, and flowers are common elements of Mother’s Day. But the candy gets eaten and the flowers die, and all that’s left are the cards that are stuck away in drawers, and some distant memories.

This year, why not put excite that special mother in your life by giving her a gift she’ll cherish forever?

Here are five gift ideas for Mother’s Day that will knock her socks off!

1. A Gift Certificate for a Massage or a Day at the Spa
Since I visit a massage therapist to whenever I can to work out the kinks I get from my sedentary job of writing, I would find this gift most useful. Even if your recipient hasn’t experienced a massage before, I can almost guarantee she’ll appreciate it. Many people are apprehensive about lying naked on a table in front of a stranger. I was at first. But a reputable massage therapist isn’t interested in checking out how your body looks. Instead, he or she’s major concern is how your body feels and what areas need worked on to make them feel healthy again.

2. A Framed, Matted Picture of the Kids
Granted, this is an old idea, but this gift has a modern twist to it. I gave a gift like this, and it was inexpensive, yet well received. Use a real nice picture of your kids. You can take them to a professional studio. Or, you can snap the picture yourself with a digital camera and print it out on photo paper. Buy a fancy frame with a wide matted area. A white colored will work the best. The more kids you have, the wider the matte will need to be. Have each of the kids write a Mother’s Day message to their mom on the matte. Finally, place the picture of the kids in the frame with the personalized matte and wrap it up to give to Mom.

3. Personalized Scrapbook
Scrapbooks are another red hot gift idea. Kids can easily use photos, or draw their own pictures with crayons and magic markers. A scrapbook and stickers are readily available at many stores.
They can title the book, “Happy Mother’s Day!” and the current year. Or, they can create their own title.

4. Gift Baskets Are Always a Thoughtful Gift
What are some of the things Mom likes best? Fine chocolates, flavored coffees, special teas, cute pins, and other jewelry, paperback books? Buy some things that will make great Mother’s Day gifts. Then, buy a basket, a pack of tissue paper, a roll of colored ribbon, and some colored cellophane paper. Place open sheets of the tissue paper in the basket so they cover the bottom and extend up the sides. Then place the gifts neatly inside the basket. Finally, wrap the entire thing in the colored cellophane. Finish it off with the ribbon, a bow, and a gift card, and you’ve got a perfect gift that’s ready to give!

5. Give Your Most Valuable Gift- Your Time
Time. It’s something that none of us have enough of. There are never enough hours in a day to get everything done, are there? Mothers especially have trouble trying to take care of their families and themselves in a day’s time. So, since Mom’s also short on it, why not give her some of yours?

To do this, make up coupons for chores she usually does. They can be handmade or made up on a computer. By offering to do some chores for Mom, that will free up some of her time. Maybe she can use some of it to go out and do something fun!

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