Gifts Women Don’t Want for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day outcomes generally fall into three basic categories: success, failure, or simply unremarkable. A successful Valentine’s Day is by far the preferred choice for most men and women, but also the most difficult to achieve. The reasons for this may vary, but my thoughts are that men just don’t really understand what women want. After having written an article entitled “What Women Really Want – A Guide for Valentine’s Day Gift Giving”, I’ve decided to tackle the polar opposite by sharing my thoughts and perceptions on what not to give to your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

The very first notion that overwhelmed my heart is most offensive gift of nothing. I’ve seen this all too often with married couples that don’t have a lot of money to spend on each other. But honestly, how much does it really cost to make a card, make a special dinner, or even draw the bath for your loved one. In my romantic mind, there is absolutely no excuse for the gift of nothing.

With that out of the way, I will continue on with the next worst gift of Valentine’s Day: a dieting book. You may be tempted because she’s been talking about how she wants to get into shape and she really wants to try this latest fad diet, but don’t do it. Because even if she really wanted it and acts like she’s happy you got it for her, deep down she’s thinking that you really feel she needs to lose a few pounds. I know it sounds totally silly, but face it, women are totally silly. Don’t buy her a fad diet book. Don’t even buy her a low-fat cook book. Which leads me to gift number three.

Don’t buy her a cookbook. She really probably doesn’t need another cookbook. And again, deep down she’s going to think that you perceive her as a bad cook that needs a little help in the kitchen. Women give off mixed signals at times, but don’t fall for it. It’s very similar to when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat. She says she wants the truth, but really she wants to hear that she looks great. If she asks for a cookbook, ask her why she needs a cookbook when she cooks so great without one.

Another suggestion, don’t fall prey to buying her a new vacuum. Even if she really needs one, get it another time. Don’t give it to her for Valentine’s Day, even if it’s wrapped with a pretty red bow. What woman wants to clean the house on Valentine’s Day? And giving her a vacuum is a hint that the job’s not getting done. In fact, steer clear of buying her anything cleaning-related. She doesn’t need to be reminded of her housekeeping duties on what is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year.

Furthermore, a thought that just occurred to me: don’t buy her something that is really for you. Like a flat screen TV or a Play Station 2. If she doesn’t really watch TV and doesn’t play video games, don’t act dumb and buy her something that she knows is something you really wanted.

An finally, although this is my personal opinion, avoid buying a ton of chocolates and candies. Most women don’t really want to eat all that junk anyway. I know, it sounds contradicting to worst gift numbers two and three. But in all honesty, we really don’t need all that sweet stuff. It’s really bad for our teeth.

In conclusion, I wish you the best in your endeavors and I hope you found this article of some assistance in your quest for the perfect gift. If you still need some support, please read my article about What Women Really Want. Trust meâÂ?¦I am a woman. And I will be leaving a copy of both articles in my husbands’ truck tomorrow.

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