Gifts and Gift Wraps

I am one of the few aesthetically challenged people who think finding suitable gift for someone is as difficult as landing a great job with great insurance plan. So when I had to go gift hunting for an eight year old’s birthday I thought about declining the invitation to save my self respect.

Being so close to the family, I could not stay away from the party, so I set off to the nearest Wal-Mart to start gift hunting. Wandering around looking for a gift for the eight year old girl I found myself looking at the dolls wearing outfits that would put Jessica Simpson to shame, there were the Bratz dolls with swollen lips, their face buried in makeup. Buying these dolls was out of question, I did not want the child to end up like them. So my search moved on to the next aisle, which was filled with all sorts of board games.

Having lived in


for two years, I thought board game were for seniors only. Time had come for me to lean something new. I looked at some board games and they were actually a great way to learn about a new place or new culture. After going through games on Big Ben to


, I bought the one on


. Happy that I had managed to get a sensible gift at last (last time I bought someone a gift, it was a candy bar!!).

God! How stupid I was to think that the job was over. The main task still remained, to wrap the gift, and put it in a gift bag. Now why was a gift wrap invented? Why can’t we just give the gift as it is, without shrouding it in some mystery? I guess it is better to see the gift as you get them, saves you from the disappointment later on. Just imagine you get a nicely wrapped box, think it is a jewelry item from Tiffany’s and when it finally comes out of the shroud, your see an ugly watch from some XYZ company.

When I had to celebrate “friendship day” I seriously though that HallMark had something to do with inventing this new “day”. With all the wrappings and hiding we are required to do with the gift, HallMark and other card companies are only winners. One of them must have invented the gift wrapping and all the bundling, but why?

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