Gifts for Guitarists

If you are looking for a gift for the guitarist in your life, you may be stumped for ideas. In most cases, it might be too much for you to spring for a new guitar, and even if you could afford it, you may not have any idea what they would like. Worry not; there are plenty of other gifts your favorite guitar player will enjoy.


Every guitar player will appreciate a gift of guitar strings. This is an item that they have to buy over and over again. The tricky part is figuring out what kind of strings they need and use the most. Strings come in different gauges and most guitar players are very picky about what specific gauge and brand they use.

Remember there is a difference between acoustic strings and strings for electric guitars. Classical guitars usually take nylon strings while all other types use steel.

Take a peek at the packaging of their last set of strings so you know what to buy. If you can’t figure it out, don’t get strings unless they store tells you they are returnable. If they can’t offer you that, get a gift certificate instead.


Almost every guitar player needs picks. These, like strings, come in different sizes. This is usually determined by the thickness and overall size of the pick. Just look at the ones they already have to determine what they like.

You can also pick up cleaning materials made especially for guitars at your local music store. If you want to add something else to your purchase, consider buying a few new cords. These connect the guitar to the amp. Ask someone in the store to help you choose the right ones.


There are a multitude of different pedals made for electric guitars. They have a variety of functions including adding effects like delay, distortion, flange, chorus, wah, or reverb, and some change the overall tone of the instrument. These can be purchased as single pedals or you can find a pedal board with multiple functions in one.


If you want to buy your favorite guitar player a new strap, keep their personality in mind. A guitar player in a punk rock band might not appreciate a strap with puppies on it. Have a look at their current strap and buy something that is similar. You can also buy them strap locks if they don’t have these already.


If your favorite guitar player doesn’t already have a guitar stand, they may really appreciate this gift. You can buy them for one guitar or two. Make sure you buy a model that is sturdy and not too bulky if your guitar player travels a lot. If they have quite a few guitars, get them a multiple-guitar stand for their home or studio.


Every guitar player has a guitar hero. Chances are good you have heard them talking about this person, or heard them listening to their music. Look for CDs that feature this artist, or even better, tickets for a life show if they will be in your area any time soon.

Guitar Repair Kits

Guitars, especially electric guitars, tend to have their problems. All of the guitar players I know have one or two guitars they refuse to part with, no matter how old or worn down it is. Some have had their favorite guitars longer than they have had their wife! A guitar repair kit can be purchased at almost any store. Ask the clerk for recommendations.


Guitar tuners come in all different varieties. Some guitar players won’t use them and rely totally on their own ear to tune their guitar, but many like to have them. They come in a variety of prices ranges, and if you aren’t sure, ask for a recommendation.

Cases and Gear Bags

Most guitars come with cases, but some only come with soft gig bags. If you know your guitar player would like a hard shell case, this would be the perfect gift. Make sure you get the make and model of the guitar they need a case for, and measure it for extra insurance that you are buying the correct size.

Guitar players often carry a lot of gear with them. They need something to carry pedals, strings, cords and other items. If the don’t have a nice bag to carry their guitar goodies, get them one. Look for something roomy, yet easy to carry.

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