Giovanna Rana Pasta Review

Pasta is an Italian food that most Americans can agree is delicious. With this said, the ‘stuff’ sold in super markets isn’t always good. As a result, I was unsure of what I’d experience after receiving a free coupon for a package of Giovanni Rana Pasta through Safeway. Would this mix of basil, egg, flour and cheese be a winner? Below is my review. (I chose a 12 oz. bag of Ravioli Cheese “Forte”.)

Sleek Packaging

Giovanni Rana Pasta comes packaged in an easy to carry, blue and tan sack-like bag. The creator of this food is featured on the front. From the fonts to his photo, the packaging exudes class. As a consumer, you feel as though you are picking up a quality product.

Simple Cooking Instructions

If you can boil water, you can cook Giovanni Rana Pasta. The instructions are basic. You pour water in a pot, bring it to a boil, add a dash of salt, and throw in your pasta. In under 5 minutes, your food is done. For busy people on the go, this process is a dream.

Tasty Mix of Natural Ingredients

When you visit the Website for Giovanni Rana Pasta, you see the usual wording attached to advertisements for natural foods. All of the animals are specially fed such-and-such. Some how, one ingredient is gotten off a mountain. You get the drift. Fortunately, Giovanni Rana Pasta lives up to their claims. Their product is fresh and full of flavor.

Several Preparation Options

Trying to please people in a household with different tastes is always a challenge. Fortunately, I found that you can approach Giovanni Rana Pasta from different angles. You can eat this food plan, topped with a pat of butter or add their sauce or add your own sauce and veggies. You decide how you want to eat this food.

Competitively Priced

Compared to other natural pastas in the frozen section of Safeway, Giovanni Pasta is competitively priced. Expect to pay between $5 and $7 with tax per package. The amount of food inside is enough to comfortably feed a family of three.

So, what was my over all thoughts about Giovanni Rana Pasta? In review, I give this product two thumbs up. I would definitely purchase this food with my own money. It’s worth every penny.


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