Girl Inside the Glass

She sits in there, crying. Her tears fall into the black abyss of where she sits, deep inside that forsaken world. A world in which nothing lives, breathes, or dies. I have dreamed of that world. Visited its depths, only to wake up and return to where I am. My thoughts create that world, and create everything that happens within it. She is there. The only one I have seen. She is pale, her youth and life slowly fading with every tick of the clock. Her eyes are blurry with mystery. Mystery of what she will become and what she already is. I try to find her. Always trying to reach her, to help her, to unlock that mystery. But I never have the time, the will power. I am always pulled back. Maybe its meant to never be. Over and over again I have that dream. Closer and closer I come to reaching her each time. I need to reach her. My life seems to depend on it.

I finally reached her. Touching her soft shoulder, she turned around staring into my eyes. She was bleeding, and crying, but silent. I felt her pain, like a knife thru my heart and a rush of horrible sensation throughout my body. I was her, and she was me. I am that girl in the glass.

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