Glade Air Infusions: Light and Subtle but Not Strong Enough for Extremely Offensive Odors

Aside from the subtle scent, what else can I say about Glade Air Infusions? Well, the cans look a lot nicer than your run of the mill air fresheners. They have frosted plastic tops and a curved canister, while Johnson (the manufacturer) doesn’t state it on the can, it also has a no rust bottom. That might not sound like a big deal but if you store this in the bathroom and don’t have a great ventilation system, the steam from your shower could start to rust the bottom of the can.

Wow, if I am already tossing out mundane facts like that and I’m only at the start of the review … that doesn’t really put this product in the best light does it? Glade pimps out the staying power of this with their trademarked ‘UltraLast’ technology, something that they say lasts up to an hour. You know, 90% of the time you are going to use a product like this to get rid of a smell so if it is something that is that offensive or overpowering that you are going to worry about if it’s going to still be around an hour later … chances are you are going to need something stronger than this. I sprayed it, went outside for ten minutes to water the plants, came back in and wasn’t impressed in the least with it. But if you are going after a really light scent then by all means, stock up on this product.

In defense of Air Infusions I have to say this, on the back of the can it does say that it eliminates odors with a “subtle blend of natural scents“. My understanding of the word subtle is something that isn’t strong or on the sly. Maybe that is why it’s on the weak side. Maybe I got a slightly scent defective can but I don’t think that’s the case because I tried out other cans at other stores and they all had the same non-smelly smell to them. What makes this more puzzling is the Berry Splash is a lot stronger so why make such a wimpy Clean Linen fragrance? It will work to get rid of small scent odors but if you cooked a dinner with a lot of garlic you might not be all that impressed with it. As far as cigarette smoke goes, this does help to neutralize it so if you are looking for something to get rid of that smell, this might be a good pick but for cigars, it’s not strong enough to eliminate it. It covers it up but doesn’t get rid of it. It’s easy to use and has a wide spray field but don’t spray this near steps even if they are carpeted, if you over spray you could cause a dangerous situation and end up slipping down the steps.


I got this when it was on sale for $1.79 but had a one dollar off coupon so there was no way I could resist getting it for .79 cents. The shelf tag price when not on sale was $2.79 but this was at the grocery store so chances are if you hit Wal-Mart or Target, you will be able to get it for less than that price. Is it worth it? I strongly suggest that you ‘spray and sniff’ before you buy this. If the design of the can is the only true positive thing you can say about a product … let that be a fair warning to sniff before you buy. There are seven different scents to choose from; Apple Cinnamon, Berry Splash, Clean Linen, Garden Bliss, Ocean Blue, Peaches & Petals and Refreshing Springs. The Garden Bliss is one that I haven’t been able to track down yet, Berry Splash is the strongest one and I have to say that Clean Linen is the weakest. The others are nice but as I have said repeatedly, the scent is subtle and won’t get rid of lingering or recurring odors.

The Bottom Line

I really wanted to like this but it’s just not strong enough to get rid of bathroom odors or if you are cooking something that is really overpowering. If all you want is something to freshen up a room then this is great but if that’s what you are going after, buy some scented candles. As far as the claim that this lasts up to an hour, that’s debatable. I guess if there isn’t a strong breeze blowing or an fan in the window this might last an hour but from my experience, you are going to get – at most – a half hour from it. I can’t really complain all that much about it though, I had a dollar off coupon for it so it wasn’t like I had to pay full price. The dogs didn’t seem to mind this so I might have to start using this when they are in the house so they aren’t sneezing up a storm.

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