Glade vs Love My Carpet Deodorizers

When it comes to the cleanliness of our homes we want the best. Those little smells that can’t always be gotten rid of can really bring out the worst in your home. Whether you have dogs and cats, or smoke, or have a baby that has a never ending supply of used diapers you probably can’t get rid of some odors that may come out at the most inopportune times.

We all know that the most unpleasant smells we come across seem to live in our fabrics. From our clothes, to our drapes, furniture and carpets, it seems not only to attract but also trap nasty odors. Sprays can often times create a coating on fabrics that disrupts the quality and makes it hard to clean. This is why powders such as these two leading carpet and room deodorizers are so popular…they have many uses.

Glade vs Love my Carpet Deodorizers: Top Glade Carpet Fragrances
Glade is known for its fine smelling aromas that last long while virtually covering all the unpleasant hints in the air. Just a few of their best scents available in carpet care are listed below:
• Clean Linen™
• Country Garden®
• French Vanilla
• Fresh Scent
• Lilac Spring®
• Melon Burst®
• Rainshower®
• Tropical Mist®

Glade vs Love my Carpet Deodorizers: Glade Product Perks
Just a few of the key things that you can count on when dealing with this company’s products:
• Glade Clean Linen Carpet & Room Deodorizer fills the whole room with delightful scents for hours.
• Glade Carpet & Room Deodorizer contains a formula that first eliminates deep-down odors like those caused by pets, smoke, dampness, and mildew.
• This product is sold by weight and not volume.
• Made in Canada.

Glade vs Love my Carpet Deodorizers: Love My Carpet Product Perks
Just a few of the key things that you can count on when dealing with this company’s products:
• These products are safe for all carpets and vacuum up easy. They are safe to use around pets.
• Love my carpet has baking soda to eliminate: Pet odors, smoke, damp musty odors.
• Deodorizes upholstery, litter boxes, laundry hampers, garbage cans, diaper pails car interior, and bathroom rugs.
• Made in U.S.A.

Glade vs Love my Carpet Deodorizers: Top Love My Carpet Fragrances
Love my Carpet fragrances are mild and refreshing, no pungent odors that are overwhelming. The best according to consumer ratings are the following:
• Potpourri
• Summer Kiss
• Sun shower

Glade vs Love my Carpet Deodorizers: The Comparison
Although the Glade fragrance list is extensive Love My Carpet has got to be the best as far as powders go. Having bought both there was one issue that I did run across that makes me choose this one over Glade. After a certain period of time, which varies, the Glade begins to form clumps and for those of us who entertain guests and like to leave on the powder a little longer this can be irritating. Glade’s carpet scents are a little stronger and a bit overwhelming than Love My Carpet…so, this would really depend on the type of aroma you are looking for.

However, Love My Carpet is really confined as far as limited fragrances and over all products. Glade has a wide variety of other items that can fill your home with pleasant smells. So in actuality if you were to combine one scent of the carpet deodorizer and the same scent in another product of whole room deodorizers you can end up using far less for a longer lasting aroma.

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