Glamour Girls: Vintage Hollywood Jewelry for Weddings

Soon after art deco jewelry was introduced in the 1925 Paris exposition, it showed up on the silver screen. Ladies have long looked film for fashion inspiration. Now brides are looking back to the fabulous accessories of Hollywood’s heyday for their day. Having enjoyed their own successes before tying the knot,” notes Michael Farhood of Travel Jewelry. “Modern brides aren’t afraid to wear a statement-making piece.” Oversized brooches, cuff bracelets, and collar-style necklaces are making a comeback. Matched vintage “Carole Lombard” clips can add sparkle to straps, bodices, or even up-dos. This season, add glamour with colored gemstones, like the pink precious topaz rings at Pampillonia Jewelers. Estate pieces, as well as new designs so inspired, feature dazzling details including microset diamonds, hand-engraved filigree, and platinum and 18-karat two-tone bands.

Young Starlets
Star style can be delicate, too. The marquis set diamond necklace from Travel Jewelry makes a lovely gift from the parents of the bride. The 16″ necklace lies gently on the hollow of the throat. Star drops sparkle all the way around. The look is young, fresh, and timeless. Plus, it’s perfect when paired with simple forever diamond earrings from the groom.

Something Blue
The oh-so-popular colored stone is actually an ode the ring’s roots. Sapphires are the traditional canter of European engagement rings. Sapphires are found in blue, pink, yellow, and known as rubies when red. The gems are almost as hard as diamonds, but easier on the bankbook. Many brides are opting for a big blue stone over a little diamond.

Elements of Style
With so many gorgeous options, what’s the best piece for your gown? It’s all about balance and proportion. A choker shows well with a bateau or jewel neckline. A multiple-strand collar style flatters a plunging bodice. With a strapless gown, the 16″ princess necklace lays perfectly on the clavicle. Longer single stands compliment high necklines.

Something Old, Something New
The sleeker the gown, the more room for an extraordinary piece of jewelry. A vintage-inspired brooch a la Liz Taylor, Lana Turner, and Claudette Colbert, transforms a silk sheath into a glamorous gown. A swirling Art Deco pin from Pampillonia makes a statement. Adorn a plain bodice or pin up a chignon with screen siren style.

Chained Melody
The only thing prettier than a lady’s bare arm is one adorned in matchless diamonds. The dazzling stones make an oversized chain bracelet a showstopper. Once the fashion of Hollywood royalty Lauren Bacall and Veronica Lake, links add allure to modern brides. Plus, it’s a perfect piece for post-wedding cocktail parties.

Precious Presents
She’ll always be daddy’s little girl. At the engagement party, papa can give his daughter a simple chain. Before the joyful and tearful walk down the aisle, he can present her with a stunning cross charm. On her wedding day and always, she’ll have a beautiful reminder of his love.

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