Globalization: An American Ideal

From the humble days of its founding, the United States of America was intended to be a land of ideals with freedom and opportunity. Our founding fathers had hoped to establish a nation in which people could live their lives in peace and prosperity. People were free to govern themselves and live the lives that they wanted through their honest efforts. There was always to be a light of hope for those less fortunate to find success and opportunity. However, it seems as if times have changed, and the American Dream transformed to something more impure and corrupt. No more does the traditional American Dream consist of honest aspirations of freedom and opportunity, but rather the American Dream lives on as it is now focused on global influence and world domination, and the unjust exploitation of other weaker nations. How unfortunate is it that such an honest beginning could result in our present greedy society? Our founding fathers would be ashamed and horrified of the dreams we aspire for today.

The once pure and innocent America has finished its metamorphosis and emerged matured as a nation more sinister than those may wish to believe. Our society has digressed into corruption as we have become delusional from the fat and wealth that we have been accumulating over the years from sloth and laziness. We are people now driven by capital, politics, and ulterior motives. Our original innocence has been lost as now we cheat our way through life by reaping undeserved rewards by sly means rather than following the now outdated tradition of earning our bounty from honest hard work. Take the current situation in Iraq for an example.

Even in the top echelons of our government leaders there is corruption and impurity. Our President had led us to an unjust war for the sole purpose of exploitation of another weaker nation for easy profit. Ulterior motives of greed and hunger for money has led us to invade smaller, weaker Iraq, disrupt its economy and social order, make it dependent on us to survive, and rape its oil fields in the name of “liberation” and the “spreading of freedom.” But how have they been liberated? Now that one dictator has fallen, another oppressor, namely the U.S., is to take the old tyrant’s place. Iraq is now chained to us for support to survive. We had invaded their nation, weakened them to a state in which they could not support themselves, and put them in an abject situation in which there is no one to turn to but us for help. Such actions are uncalled for. In addition to this we cover our tracks and make excuses for ourselves such as taking on the noble cause of “spreading Democracy”. America dreams of the luxurious lifestyle in which it may gluttonously indulge itself with wealth and money, obtained by whatever means necessary even if it is unjust.

In conclusion, the American ideal has changed since its founding by its founding fathers. We are no longer the innocent farmers aspiring for a happier bright world free from tyranny. Instead, we have become corporate slaves and greedy pigs. We thrive on the domination and subordination of the weaker. We exploit and we rape. There are few that live today with the traditional American Dream. Our earlier days were better days. Now we are narrow-minded selfish fools out to wreak havoc and disturb the peace of the world. How glorious are we now?

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