Glory to God in the Highest

Glory to God in the highest

for God is the maker of things
all sheep and oxen
all trees and flowers
in leafy bowers
all stars in the heavens
all creatures that dwell on earth
all knowledge that men possess
all science and technology
all arts and crafts
all painting, sculpture and beauty
all music, opera and dance
all knowledge and wisdom
Praise Him all people here below
for all the goodness that from Him flow
the birds sing, the trees rejoice,
all nature witnesses with one voice.
The barren fig tree of unbelief
whose lies reveal their bankruptcy.
The heavens declare His glory,
the earth completes His wondrous story
Praise Him from whom all blessings flow
angels and Seraphim and Cherubim
all blessings here below
praise Him all creatures here below

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