Go-Go Gadget Holiday Road Trip

No holiday trip nowadays is without headache. This happens more often than not especially when must-have items are left at home that are crucial to the survival of the family. Save the family this hassle and pack these items now before anyone steps a foot outside the door!


Even if the route is planned and known by heart, a GPS will come in handy in situations that one may not plan for. Construction sights tend to pop up when least expected. It is always a good plan to have a backup to find an alternate route. Weather can also play a huge factor in getting from point A to point B and back again. Make sure the GPS is updated to support new roads that may have been added or taken away since the last outing. Roads are always changing so keeping up to date with this can save a headache later on.

DVD Player for the Younger Kids

A happy and content child on any road trips makes things a ton easier. No parent wants to hear screaming or fussing coming from the backseat if it can be easily avoided. Plug in their favorite DVD, supply them with toys, snacks and a drink and begin the drive.

iPad and Kindle for the Teenagers

Most teenagers are less than thrilled to be going on any holiday with their family, especially when they would rather spend it with their friends at home. If the teenager likes to read, bring the Kindle and let them read there cares away. An iPad can come in handy too if they have games on it that don’t require internet connection right away.


Photography is a must at any family gathering. Be sure to pack extra batteries, lenses tripods and the like when heading out the door. Some of the best photos from family gatherings come from those unexpected delays along the way.

Cell Phone

This one may seem absurd, but sometimes, even in the best planning, simple items get left behind. This goes without saying that bringing the necessary equipment to charge the above stated items is crucial too.

Either way it goes, with or without technology, holiday road trips can be a memorable occasion if plans are made correctly. Planning is absolutely crucial! Don’t ditch the essentials for the family, or a great trip can turn sour in a heartbeat! Happy traveling!

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