God of War: A Masterpiece of Tragedy and History

I have just finished a game that left me speachless. I’m talking about God of War.

You play the game as Kratos, a Spartan warrior who is feared by everyone except his wife. Not much is known about him at first except he has been granted life and powers by the God of War Aeris who sought to make Kratos the perfect warrior and servant.

At first this game played much like Devil May Cry at first as each strike you made encouraged you to keep hitting away at the buttons to make that one awesome combo, then as you continued you yearn for more with each step you made as it revealed more of Kratos’ past and the horrible crimes against humanity he has committed in the name of Ares.

But this game would be different, as armies of darkness attack you along your journey to right what you have done wrong as you cross the world of ancient Greece from the Aegean sea to the city of Athens in search of a way to kill a God. As you fight creatures of Greek Mythology from Medusa to the great Hydra you are swallowed into the game whole not even willing to struggle for freedom.

It’s massive beautiful worlds, challenging puzzles and deep storylines make this a game worth adding to your collection whether you’re a fan of the videogame or of greek mythology. I spent a whole weekend nonstop playing this game at first wondering why I’m playing such a horrible barbaric warrior to feeling sorry for Kratos and all he’d endure just to please Ares.

With that said, here are my pros and cons of God of War:

PROS: Great soundtrack, great visuals, challenging puzzles, great battle system and great storyline.

CONS: If Pandora’s Temple didn’t drive you nuts, the tower of doom in Hades will have you screaming along with the fallen souls of the damned just trying to climb past the first half of it in the first 15 minutes. Enough to drive someone mad.

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