Golden Rule for Indoor Lighting

Lighting plays very vital role in the Home decoration. Drawing room is the most important dwelling place. So it becomes even more important for lighting this room. To high light your Living room you can use in decorative FTL (Fluorescent Tube Light) fitting with diffusers, CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) fittings, Down lighter ,Wall washers , miniature halogen lamps(12V) and jhumars . You can use drawing room lighting according to the mood of the occupant and the ambience required.

Jhumars give a traditional and a nostalgic feeling to the drawing room atmosphere. Jhumars can be with Incandescent lamps (Candle lamps) or with CFL lamps. Generally Jhumars are hanged in the middle. Jhumars are used in parties or in festival times. It is basically for the decorative purpose.

Decorative FTL fittings
For general purpose lighting you better use decorative FTL fittings with diffuser. It helps in illuminating the room as well as does not give glare to the eyes. Choose number of fittings depending on the size of the room .

Energy Efficiency
The call of the day world wide is energy saving. Hence keeping in view the energy savers like CFL lamps , T5 lamps can be used. CFL are available in different ratings. Similarly T5 lamps are also available in 14W as well as 28W .

Miniature Halogen lamps and Down Lighters
To high light your decorative pictures or statues you can use miniature halogen lamp (12V) or CFL or Metal Halide down lighter as well as wall washers. There are many varieties are being marketed today.

Table lamp
Table lamps with old vintage looks helps both in giving light at the corner near sofa as well as for decorative purpose, because of its vintage looks. Table lamps can be used for reading purpose only.

So you have variety of light fittings and light sources , which can be used as per your requirements and in blending your moods. You can use light source of 2700kelvin ( Warm day light) which symbolizes warmth feeling . Or use 6500 kelvin (cool day light) which gives cooling effect. In my option you should use Light source with the combination of both warm day light as well as cool day light.

Tips : Keep the Light switches off when you don’t require light. Or simple put one FTL fitting only. Save energy and Save the energy crisis of the world.

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