Good Restaurants in Annapolis, Maryland

This is a list of good places to dine in and around Annapolis, Maryland. It has been compiled because of conversations we’ve had with people who travel, particularly to Annapolis, who find themselves dining in expensive establishments on mediocre food with similar mediocre service simply because they don’t know where else to go. The places listed here meet the following criteria.

– They make the list only after a personal visit for a meal.
– They offer adults a pleasant environment for dining.
– They provide excellent service.
– The food is very good to excellent.
– The prices are moderate.

So, – if you are planning to visit Annapolis for Commissioning Week, the Fall boat shows, or just for a vacation and you will be looking for a good meal, in a nice place, with reasonable prices? Try these.

The prices shown, although approximate and will vary as you select your own dining preferences, are for TWO PEOPLE and include the tip because, after all, the tip is part of what you pay for a meal. The dinners include a soft drink or one glass of house wine, salad, entree’, coffee, but usually no desert. Breakfast prices are for a full meal starting with a large fruit juice.

Some of these places might appear to be a little pricey, but we included them in the list because we felt the experience was worth the price. You know, you’ve got to break out once in a while.

As most travelers know, restaurants appear and disappear with breathtaking suddenness. You should heed the familiar and easy to remember disclaimer IWTWIWT,BIMNBTWYGT, and call or visit their website.

Many of these places have their own Website showing their location, menu, etc., and these are shown in red.

If anyone knows of a restaurant which meets the five criteria shown above and thinks it should be on the list, let us know. Or, if you have visited one of these establishments and found it wanting in any of the five criteria, let us know that, too.

Copeland’s, 177 Jennifer Rd. $52.
This is a formula restaurant, but a good one.

O’Leary’s Seafood, 310 Third St. $65.
Among the best seafood restaurants in Annapolis, located in the Eastport section near the boatyards.

Paul’s on South River, 3027 Riva Rd., $65.
Paul’s is about 7 miles from downtown, located right on the picturesque South River.

Wild Orchid Cafe, 909 Bay Ridge Ave. $65.
This is a very small place in Eastport, but not near the water. It looks unimposing, but the food and service are anything but.

Carroll’s Creek Cafe, 410 Severn Ave., $65.
Just renovated. Located on the water in Eastport, directly across from the Annapolis Yacht Club.

Deep Creek Restaurant, 1050 Deep Creek Ave., Arnold, $45.
This is an authentic crab house located on Deep Creek, some 5 or 6 miles from downtown Annapolis.

Macaroni Grill, 178 Jennifer Road, $35.
This is a very good formula chain Italian restaurant. Great staff, singing waiters.

Galway Bay Irish Restaurant, 65 Maryland Ave., $50.
An authentic Irish country inn. Don’t miss the Shepherds Pie.

Garry’s Grill, 914 Bay Ridge Road, $40.
A nice, friendly neighborhood place with good food from a surprisingly innovative menu and good service.

La Rose De Saigon, 960 Bay Ridge Road, $41.
A very reliable Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant in the Annapolis Roads section.

Middleton Tavern, City Dock, $50.
The Tavern is located at the historic City Dock and is itself historic, established in 1750. Very interesting building and very good food and service.

O’Brien’s, City Dock, $45.
Another fine Irish oyster and fish house in the City Dock area.

Piccola Roma, 200 Main St., $65.
Located right on Main Street, they specialize in modern Italian and Northern Italian cuisine.

Giolitti Delicatessen, 2068 Somerville Road. $55.
When you see this place you would probably not think it is what it is. Go in and be surprised.

Viet Thai Paradise Restaurant, Riva Road. $50.
The menu includes delicious Vietnamese and Thai dishes, from not spicy to very hot. The service is equally good.

Les Follies, Riva Road at Rte 665. $75.
An excellent French restaurant, with excellent service.

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