Great Gift Ideas for a Doctor

Doctors love to receive gifts as much as anyone else, in fact maybe more so in some ways. After spending years in college, and going deeply in debt, they often didn’t or don’t have the time or resources to purchase much in the way of ‘things’. So, if you need to buy a gift for a doctor, you are in luck. Not only will you be able to give a gift of necessity, but one of beauty as well. If the gift allows for personalization of name or other information, make sure you do. Besides you might just be the only one, and the gift recipient will know that you really cared enough to go out of your way for their gift. Remember to start as early as possible shopping, and to take your gift list along. Also, take along a family or friend because you never know what gift idea they will add to the list. Save it for next year too and make a copy. You can always be prepared for the expected or unexpected gift giving occasion.

MEDICAL PRACTICE GIFTS: (For Doctors Going Into Private Practice)

�¼ Blood Pressure Instrument
�¼ Tuning Forks
�¼ Reflex Hammers
�¼ Stethoscope
�¼ Otoscope
�¼ Thermometer
�¼ Pocket Eye Chart
�¼ Retractable Cloth Measuring Tape
�¼ Pocket Organizer
�¼ Shears
�¼ Bandage Scissors
�¼ Dissection Scissors
�¼ Operating Scissors
�¼ Forceps
�¼ Needle Holder
�¼ Medical Office Jacket


�¼ Brief Case
�¼ Personal Organizer
�¼ Desk Clock
�¼ Paper Weight
�¼ Name Plate
�¼ Pin Light Key Ring
�¼ Stationery
�¼ Cuff Links
�¼ Money Clip
�¼ Wallet
�¼ Passport Jacket
�¼ Credit Card Holder
�¼ Neck Tie Bar
�¼ Lapel Pin
�¼ Pin
�¼ Eye Glass Holder
�¼ Coffee Mug
�¼ Necklace
�¼ Bracelet
�¼ Ankle Bracelet
�¼ Shoe Clips
�¼ Belt Buckle
�¼ Toe Ring
�¼ Sweat Shirt
�¼ Sweat Bands
�¼ T Shirt
�¼ Monogram Handkerchief
�¼ Scarf
�¼ Wine Glass Set
�¼ Candy Bowl
�¼ Crystal or Glass Sculpture
�¼ Coaster Set
�¼ Tapestry Pillow
�¼ Throw Blanket
�¼ Picture Frame
�¼ Caduceus Candle Holder
�¼ Caduceus Sculpture
�¼ Doctor Themed Christmas Ornament
�¼ Shelf Sitter
�¼ Medical Alert Bracelet
�¼ Statuettes
�¼ Framed Physician Prayer
�¼ Hippocratic Oath (Framed, Marble, Glass, Metal)
�¼ Framed Prints Of The Profession
�¼ Physician Welcome Sign
�¼ Bust (Hippocrates)
�¼ Alma Mater Box
�¼ Medical Book Ends
�¼ Wreaths With A Medical Theme
�¼ Themed Gift Chocolates
�¼ Doctors Medical Bag


�¼ Books On Medical Profession
�¼ Books On Anatomy, Physiology, Biology
�¼ Anatomy Wall Charts
�¼ Books On Classics Of Medicine
�¼ Desk Reference Set On Pharmacy Drugs
�¼ Medical Documentaries On CD
�¼ Medical Doc u Dramas On CD
�¼ Medical Magazine Gift Subscription
Ã?¼ Medical E – Book


�¼ Themed Medical Post Cards
�¼ Commemorative Medical Postage Stamp Collection
�¼ Medical Themed Playing Cards
�¼ Medical Themed Game (Operation MB)
�¼ Doctor Bobble Head

Have fun and enjoy shopping for that lucky doctor.

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