Great Jobs for Teens in Coos Bay and North Bend, Oregon

If you are a teen living in Coos Bay, or planning to move to Coos Bay, there are limited jobs to choose from, as Coos Bay does not have the best employment rate. Summers are always your best bet for jobs, followed by the holiday season. However, there are some places in Coos Bay that have jobs for teens all year-round. I have helped you out by personally calling each place listed below to make sure that they hire teens (under 18). Many places do not hire teens under 18, due to Oregon employment law restrictions related to work hours, the type of work, driving and alcohol.

Note: If the jobs listed below are not in Coos Bay, they are in North Bend, which next to Coos Bay.

Great Jobs for Teens in Coos Bay:Restaurant Work

Being a bus-person in a restaurant is a great entry-level job that readily accepts teens (in restaurants that do not serve alcohol). The only requirement is a Food Handler’s Certificate. For a small fee you can get the food handler’s study guide from the local community health department. For a substantially larger fee you can take the food handler’s test, which they allow two hours for, and you can take it multiple times (but it’s pretty easy). The job itself is fairly easy for the energetic teen. Basically you pick up empty dishes and deliver them to the dishwasher and help reset tables. If there is not a hostess you may be asked to refill drinks and every once in a great while, in a crunch, a waitress may ask you to deliver some food. The best part about this job is that, in most restaurants, the wait-staff will pay you part of their tips. In the summer, tourist traffic increases substantially, as should your hours -and tips! Listed below are two of the more popular restaurants in town that allow teens as young as 16 to work there.

Name: Tai’s Dynasty
Phone: (541) 756-1322
Address: 1903 Sherman Ave., North Bend, OR 97459

Name: Kozy Kitchen *has a new, second location in Coos Bay, call for other address.
Phone: (541) 756-1214
Address: 2265 Newmark St., North Bend, OR 97459

Great Jobs For Teens in Coos Bay: Customer Service Work

If you like working directly with people, this is the place for you. You may do cashiering, stocking, helping customers find items, etc. But really, the best part about customer service jobs are that they are usually in a department or retail store of some sort and they usually give you a nice discount. This is a big plus considering how expensive consumer goods can be.

Name: Wal-mart
Phone: (541) 888-5488
Address: 2051 Newmark Ave, Coos Bay, OR 97420

Name: Pony Village Mall – largest mall in area
Phone: (541) 756-0433
Address: 1611 Virginia Ave., North Bend, OR 97459

Stores in Pony Village Mall:

Name: Dippin Dots
Phone: (541) 751-1754
Store Type: Specialty food (have to be available all shifts so you can’t be in school)

Name: Fiddlesticks
Phone: (541) 751-9033
Store Type: Accessories, books, cards, gifts, stationery, entertainment, and jewelry

Name: Fuel Surf: Skate: Moto
Phone: (541) 756-6019
Store Type: Children/family/men/women’s fashions

Name: JC Penney
Phone: (541) 751-1129
Store Type: Accessories, children/family/men/women’s fashion, health/beauty, home furnishings, and jewelry

Name: JoAnns Fabrics
Phone: (541) 756-4811
Store Type: Crafts and fabric

Name: Maurices
Phone: (541) 751-0565
Store Type: Accessories and men/women’s fashions

Name: Orange Julius
Phone: (541) 756-7775
Store Type: Restaurant

Name: Pony Village Cinema 11
Phone: (541) 756-3447
Store Type: Cinema

Name: Sam Goody
Phone: (541) 751-0410
Store Type: Entertainment, electronics, music and video

Great Jobs for Teens in Coos Bay: Newspaper Delivery

The World Newspaper employs teens as young as 13 delivering newspapers.

Name: The World Newspaper
Phone: (541) 269-1222
Address: 350 Commercial St., Coos Bay, Oregon 97420

Great Jobs for Teens in Coos Bay: Conservation Work

The Northwest Youth Corps will be hiring teens, ages 16 to 19, who need a job rather than go to school, beginning this fall. This is a five-week program and they will earn $1000 working in various parts of the Pacific Northwest restoring habitat and building hiking trails. The program begins on September 9th and applications are currently being taken, there are limited positions.

Name: Northwest Youth Corps
Phone: (541) 349-5058

Great Jobs for Teens in Coos Bay: Temporary Agency

Atlas Employment says they work with a number of employers who hire teens as young as 16 years old for various jobs.

Name: Atlas Employment
Phone: (541) 267-2022
Address: 344 N Front St., Coos Bay, OR 97420

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