Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is an awesome breed, both intelligent and beautiful. He is usually white or may be white with markings of wolf-gray, tan, or light yellow. This dog has a naturally muscular body and is very large, and it makes sense when you learn where the Great Pyrenees originated from and what their owners used them for.

The Great Pyrenees is also known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, which originated from the Pyrenees Mountains in Europe. The Pyrenees Mountains are located between France and Spain. Remains found of a dog with many similarities to the Great Pyrenees date back to 1800 BC, although they are believed to have originally came from Central Asia or Siberia and followed the Aryan migration to Europe.. The Pyrenean Mountain Dog was developed by the Basque people for the sole purpose of protecting their flocks of sheep from bears and wolves. They stayed up in the mountains until the middle ages. By the end of the 17th century, the breed was wanted by every noble in France. The Great Pyrenees had a spiky collar and a thick coat, which naturally defended them against enemies. The dogs are known to be relatives to the St. Bernard and the Newfoundland. These dogs have been used for the protection of flocks for a very long time.

The first pair of Great Pyrenees was brought to the United States in 1824 by General Lafayette as a gift for his friend, J.S. Skinner. Even now, in 2006, people are using Great Pyrenees to guard their sheep and other livestock. This dog can also make a great guard dog for families

While the Great Pyrenees was meant to live in the mountains, this breed has had other occupations besides guard dog. The Great Pyrenees has worked as avalanche rescue dogs, sled dogs, cart-pullers, pack-dogs on ski trips and such, and as a defender of their owners and property. It doesn’t take much training to use these dogs for such purposes as these even today. It is believed that in ancient days, when the Great Pyrenees temper was less gentle, they were used as dogs of war.

The best thing about the Great Pyrenees is their temperament and attitude! They are the most loyal and affectionate dogs and they are also very gentle. They are extremely calm dogs and would never attack unless provoked. The Great Pyrenees is very gentle with his family and children. This breed is fearless and confident, yet well-mannered. They can be intimidating because of their size and confidence. This dog may try to dominate an insecure owner, however, being firm and consistent is a sure way to train a Great Pyrenees. Some may wander off while off of their leash because they are so independent. They do sometimes bark a lot and tend to drool. It is best to be patient if trying to train your Great Pyrenees because he may be resistant for a bit, however, all of the hard work does pay off when the dog is behaving in an obedient and protective way. They do not reach maturity until the age of two years.

The most intimidating things about the Great Pyrenees is his size, muscular build, and looks. He looks like a brown bear, only a light color. The average height of this breed is 27-32 inches for males and 25-29 inches for females, however, some of these dogs get as tall as 40 inches. Their weight is usually in proportion to the size and structure of the dog’s body. Male dogs start at 100 pounds, while females start at 85 pounds. The Great Pyrenees is slightly longer than it is tall.

The Great Pyrenees is not recommended as an apartment dog. These dogs need to room to roam. They are happy with family life and may be satisfied with a medium-sized yard or a large yard to run around in. They are prone to skin disorders in hot weather and need to be brushed very often. The Great Pyrenees has a long double-coat which needs extra care when shedding. Heavy shedding usually happens once a year. The good thing is that the outer coat doesn’t tend to mat, so it is fairly easy to take care of.

Overall, the Great Pyrenees are fantastic friends to man. They will guard your flock, guard your family, or pull your sled. They are great with children and gentle by nature. They are big and loud, but loyal and affectionate also. The Great Pyrenees is absolutely beautiful and trainable. What more could a dog-lover want?!

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